south african designer louis henri buhrmann converts an avenue montaigne home into a parisian palace - room divider wall with door

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south african designer louis henri buhrmann converts an avenue montaigne home into a parisian palace  -  room divider wall with door
"We asked for an apartment in Paris and you gave us a palace," the owner told London . "
Based in South Africa
Interior Architect Louis Henry brman
Because its home is on the very chic avenue of Montaigne-known as the center of premium fashion and luxury-more
Working closely with French manufacturers and hoping to build a central base in Paris the generation family needs nothing but the best, so it requires a super
Charming interior with a blend of traditional French style, modern elegance and high
Technology performance with clear entertainment and personal space.
In the absence of any budget constraints, Buhrmann subsequently addressed 3,500-
Square foot apartment for up to 8 family members, located in Haussmann building, 1850s, more than 4-
During the year, full use of the best possible materials and craftsmen created a completely customized and unique design concept, which is French delicacy and 21-Comfortable century.
Buhrmann rebuilt each room almost from scratch, stripping the apartment to bare bones.
"The buildings in Paris are rarely disappointing," he said.
The apartment has a ceiling of more than 4 m and is a real gem.
I have worked on listed buildings in Mayfair, London, and I respect the history of the buildings very much.
I put wooden paneling in the dining room;
It's great to remove it.
We use translucent Pearl finish to give the wood luster without distracting.
The cornice of the living room is molded and reshaped around the new fireplace layout.
The rest of the apartment is new.
The structural engineer built a support over-beam net so that I could build a circular foyer leading to the bedroom with a support wall on the top four floors running through it.
Part of Buhrmann's inspiration comes from the art of decoration, especially the design of French architect Armand.
One of the most distinguished designers-Albert Latto
The 1920 decorators, known for their art deco furniture-this period effortlessly blends with modern design, and the whole apartment has a feeling of Art Deco.
The residence consists of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, four reception rooms and a high
Disguised as the science and technology media room of the official French library
Covered walls and fake leather books hidden on topof-the-line built-
Speaker and home theater equipment.
Will be high
Throughout the terminal technology, the apartment is equipped with an intuitive, customized
The developed program controls climate, audio, lighting and safety by carefully docking the ipod behind each door.
As Buhrmann wanted to create something visually impactful, they were stained independently as the first thing guests entered the home --
The glass windows of the entrance hall depict a colorful statement --
Make peacock feather patterns and pay tribute to the beauty of the peaceful and prosperous times of art prosperity.
Thanks to the joint efforts of skilled businessmen from three different continents and craftsmen from London, it is also a room divider for privacy, separating the public and private areas of the apartment, at the same time, the amount of light at the entrance is increased.
"In the second home, it is not always practical to have flowers every day, but I hope that visitors to the apartment are welcomed by color and life," explains Buhrmann . ".
"It took us more than a year to pick each piece of glass.
When we finally put the pieces together, the corridor returned to life in a day.
"In fact, in-
The site has proved to be a major challenge.
"Various components from different experts, usually from different countries;
"We want everything to be together," he revealed . ".
"Only one or two of the hundreds of pieces needed to be adjusted, so it ended up being successful.
As Buhrmann designed --Closed and restricted-
His brother Balthasar is a taxi master and the furniture he produces is almost custom made
Design and manufacture furniture, carpets, chandeliers and door handles suitable for space.
Balthasar carefully made the main furniture in his workshop in South Africa, such as the huge three in the living room
Layered walnut bookcase, inlaid with Ball beauty, and finished solid walnut details, while other elements were mainly built by a family company founded in the early 19 th century, buhrmann spent six months looking for the right craftsman.
For example, in-
House design lighting was created using the combined expertise of Murano, London, Paris, and American artisans, including 200-
Part of the living room chandelier, is a New York foundry door handle developed from the Burman sketch in eight months, the large pot in the restaurant niche is designed by Porter Kate Redford, to accommodate the proportion of the apartment.
Buhrmann noted, "We often try to work with local artisans in terms of construction.
On this project, they are more
Generations of artisans, working in Paris from 1880, and plasterboard from 1862.
I 've been in this industry for over 15 years and I have a huge vendor library that they can do anything for my clients or anything I dream.
My brother produces most of my furniture in Johannesburg;
I was there a lot and could come up with better details with him.
The walls in the breakfast corner are hand covered
Silk is painted on the adjacent corridor, with four deepetched LED-
The glass panel on the marble floor illuminates the kitchen, recalling a mirror wall found in the lobby of the George V hotel that hides the entrance door, doubling the size of the room, rooms. cloakroom with solid aluminum
Frame marble doors that blend seamlessly with walls.
Buhrmann purchased art from galleries in the UK and South Africa and commissioned Guido de Costanzo to create art for the living room.
He even created several paintings in the media room with another artist, hinting, "If I wasn't an interior designer, I would be a full-
Time artist, of course.
"The fabric comes from Pierre Frey, Donia, Tenna and gigaon, and Lelievre.
He revealed, "I don't use large or unique patterns very much;
I like to replace it with color and texture, using five or six fabrics on one chair.
"Like a sanctuary, the master bedroom has a private balcony with views of the Eiffel Tower.
The color palette is equipped with silver, gray and royal blue highlights, and the storage space is hidden in the padded paneling, which is decorated with custom carpets and desk lamps.
"My favorite room is the main bathroom," Buhrmann revealed;
Is also a customer!
It's split from an awkward
Level space for a perfectly symmetrical spa
Room for four people
High ceiling.
It is characterized by a large number of hands
Fifth installation of cutting marble
A generation of marble masons with a carefully carved lips on top of the dresser and bathtub to prevent water from spilling over the leather
Detailed cabinets decorated.
The blind man on the spectacular central window is the hand
Embroidery of my logo tree pattern.
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