Small space living: 10 tips for getting the most out of a tiny place - sliding partition walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-28
Small space living: 10 tips for getting the most out of a tiny place  -  sliding partition walls
Microapartments and small life may not be as popular as other cities in Ottawa, but we still face the challenge of integrating into our families.
David Chick, who lives, pointed out: "living a small life does not mean that you are not living a bad life, but it does require some thinking and planning.
Whether planning starts at the design stage, it's like architect Robert Matthews is creating his 875-square-
Walking home on the west side, or once you move in, you have to solve the problem, "you need to think about how you live, how the space will work with your lifestyle, kristi Blok, a decorator, said.
"Storage is not the only problem.
"There are 10 ways to make the most of your space, regardless of space size.
In a small space, things should at least be doubled.
The dresser may also be your TV stand, and the study room may also be your spare bedroom.
Having furniture that shifts from one thing to another is one of the best ways to get the most value with the smallest footprint.
This is one of the easiest ways to create more space.
Whether it's a shelf on a door or a shelf on a ceiling or attic --
It's like a raised bed, so you can take advantage of the space below them and it's definitely a way to think up.
"Vertical will create more space than you think," Blok said . ".
It is also a smart way to attract eyes up and create the illusion of volume.
If the closet space is upscale, there are other ways to accommodate your stuff.
Choose furniture pieces that can be used as storage.
Even something as simple as packing a sofa in a bookcase can make good use of the space, providing a coffee table, shelf, display area and defined space at one time.
You can also look for a space assistant to pack a lot of punches in a very small footprint.
The key, the designer says, is to use every inch of space to maximize storage, just like a banquet seat under the drawer of the seat.
"Not only is it useful to take off your shoes in a mud room, but the storage below is also useful for recycling bins, boot storage, or sports equipment.
"The hidden bed, whether on the wall or elsewhere, is a good way for a room to achieve two purposes: sleeping at night;
Living space during the day.
Other smart hidden solutions include 130by 85-
Cm hanging frame in Austria, folded into a table (about $2,500).
"During the day, it was an artwork, but at dinner time it flipped down from the wall and turned into a table," said Trang Lam . ".
"Decorating small spaces requires a bit of imagination and creativity, but it can be done.
"Small spaces with high ceilings will always feel bigger, and the same is true when designing rooms or homes that take into account the maximum use of available space.
"It is critical to keep the kitchen, cooking area and appliances at minimum efficiency," says Chick . ".
He suggested smaller appliances and microwave ovens if possible.
"As much open space as possible to live and relax.
Blok said: "drawers are more effective in the kitchen, so include as much as possible.
They are also a great choice when there is no storage room.
The movable wall is another option, as the pocket door and the line of sight are created to expand the space.
The city Capital uses a sliding wall to separate the living and sleeping areas of its hidden apartment building in the city center.
Phoenix House makes the most of the laundry room in the Winchester Model with a washer and dryer installedby-
So there's a counter on top that has enough space with a locker and a hanging bar for air drying.
In Azure condo, a separate bathroom is the make-up room and the main bathroom, which can be separated from the shower and walk by clever layout --in closet.
If there is less in the room, you will feel the space is large.
Transparent glass or acrylic furniture allows you to minimize visual confusion and keep the room ventilated through them.
The mirror is another great way to give people more space illusion. “A well-
"Positioning the mirror can add space visually like a window, and can also project light into the room," the designer said . ".
Other ways to deceive your eyes: Hang curtains from floor to ceiling to make the room feel higher;
Using stripes can have the same effect;
Hidden Door hardware helps the cabinet disappear.
Stick to the same palette for your walls and furniture;
It allows your eyes to think the room is more spacious.
At the same time, maintain the consistency of the floor;
The more you cut a space as it changes, the less it feels.
"Make Things Bright and bright;
"Stay away from the look of the 'man cave, '" Nolan said . ".
She added that the warm tone seemed to advance the wall, while the cold tone was reduced.
Scale is also important, she said.
"The size and scale of the furniture must be proportional to the size of the room.
"Another option is to use all the same storage containers, such as Mason jars with labels or matching boxes, to keep the open shelves clean and tidy," Collins said.
They are particularly helpful in opening up.
The main living space offers flat-screen apartments with multiple functions.
Using subtle signals to represent the purpose of each area helps you understand the room.
For example, using area rugs can mark the living room without Wall barriers.
Another option is to use a room partition.
A partition creates the illusion of a separate room that gives you a little rest at home, Lam said.
This is good for any space, but this is especially critical when your space is small.
"The small space looks busier and the items are piled together.
"Avoid confusion, minimize stress and make your place look more organized," Lam said . ".
It's a great opportunity to look at your own stuff and determine if you really need it all, says Chick.
"From items to clothes, perhaps fewer, better items are the best.
"Just because a space is small or awkward doesn't mean it has to be right or wrong.
Function, says Lin.
The corner under the stairs can be the perfect place to read or a great place to read Minioffice.
Make the most of your walls, added Blok.
She said: "The empty wall is a valuable real estate . . . . . . They can be used not only to show the art of the frame . ".
Display from hanging pots or hanging boards-
Gadgets worth mentioning in the kitchen, set up your jewelry by hanging on the wall of the bedroom, with lots of options.
Matthew Saks, general manager of Urbandale, said Don't forget if you have a basement.
"The smaller lot leads to a house with a smaller footprint, which makes it more important to have a basement that is comfortable and available.
The basement is often only suitable for storage.
If you make the basement livable, it will really add to your available interior space. e. ”
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