small space design ideas to take home from hotels - room divider partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-04
small space design ideas to take home from hotels  -  room divider partition
Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, but that doesn't mean they have.
If you need some great inspiration, it's time to log out of Pinterest and stay at the hotel.
Hotel rooms are the best example of beautiful and efficient design of small spaces.
Whether you want to decorate or build from scratch, there are concepts that you can get from three wonderful Southern California hotels.
Using a bar trolley as a bedside table trolley has become ubiquitous and you can buy it anywhere from design to Kmart.
Although living room furniture has become a trend, they are not necessarily limited to that space.
You can change a bedside table in your bedroom to buy a bar cart, just like at the Golden Hampton Inn Paloma in San Diego.
While this does not allow anyone to drink first thing in the morning, it is a style choice that deserves a toast.
The bar trolley is also a supplement to any one-bedroom apartment where the bed may be used as a sofa.
Or skip the side table and use the bar trolley instead.
This can be a very effective option if you don't have enough cabinet space to accommodate all the bottles and accessories like shakers and decanters.
Arrange the shopping cart like a normal table, keep the lights, books, etc. on top.
Then put bottles and glasses on the bottom shelf.
Choose to decorate wine and white wine, such as a pink bottle of arakram tequila, or even a classic bright blue Bombay Sapphire gin.
At Kimpton Shorebreak in Huntington Beach, California, stealth turns a studio into a bedroom without a building and all rooms feel like a suite, because a beautiful addition of color and texture is installed at the same time.
The concept works particularly well in bright spaces with lots of windows.
Install the partition to install the true wall.
It will create the illusion of two separate spaces that flow well together.
Another way to achieve the same look is to install the pocket door.
You can paint them in a bright color instead of a typical boring white color.
You can also cover them with wallpaper.
For things that are not too permanent, choose a room partition or put a bookcase between spaces.
Either way, make sure your partition is physically separated while visually combining the room to form a coherent look or theme.
The theme is surfing in Shorebreak.
When designing a small space from the bottom up, there is only one rule to do what makes you happy.
Do the best for you.
A good example of this is the Liulin Hotel at viass casino resort and almost every room in the spa has an oversized bathroom.
The guest rooms are equipped with deep soaking tubs, separate showers and double sinks, just like a private spa.
Nevertheless, the Willow spa is luxurious on a completely different level.
So how do you have a large bathroom in a smaller space? You prioritize.
Beautiful but less exciting mini bar and desk area with higher efficiency design.
Make this a lesson when creating your own space.
Think about your needs and needs.
Splurge on things that make you happy, and waste on unhappy things.
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