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  -  sliding wall
Daily Mail reporter UPDATE: At 10: 56 on May 10, 2011, a Hong Kong man found a clever solution for the crowded city life.
Architect Gary Chang has equipped his 344-square-foot Hong Kong apartment with skateboards and walls to enable him to transform it into 24 different rooms.
"The house has changed and I am always here and I am not moving," Mr. Chang said . ".
"The house was moved for me.
Hong Kong is the fourth most populous place in the world, with more than 16,000 visitors per square mile on the island.
Millions of people live in crowded heights.
High-rise apartments such as Mr. Chang, families are often squeezed into the living space, which is considered inappropriate in the West.
It was this lack of space that shaped Mr. Zhang's view of architecture.
Since he was 14 years old, he has lived in a very narrow apartment, and the rest of the family moved out and he began to revise the apartment.
He said: "I have been studying architecture before I registered for the building.
This is necessary for me because I have to learn how to deal with small spaces.
By using the sliding wall, Mr. Zhang was able to transform his apartment into whatever he wanted.
By pulling one wall or pushing the other, one room can quickly and easily become another.
When not in use, electrical appliances and furniture are hidden by the removable partitions that Mr. Chang calls "home Transformers.
The ceiling arranged with a track is mirrored to make the track guiding the sliding wall less conspicuous, reflecting light, and creating the illusion of greater space.
Most importantly, Mr. Zhang even found a solution to the bad weather.
He had a sunny color on his window, bathing the apartment in warm light all year round.
It makes me feel happy and warm.
Mr. Chang said that even on cloudy days, my house is always sunny.
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