sliding glass panels create indoor-outdoor house - temporary partition wall

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sliding glass panels create indoor-outdoor house  -  temporary partition wall
The clouds gather later-
In the summer morning, the rain began to pat near bill and Pamela Jones's house near taggrass in Wichita, Kansas.
The front yard of the house has stood out from its neighbors, surrounded by fashionable fountains and evergreen trees.
But it didn't rise to a whole new level until you walked into the house.
Bill Jones began to show surprises in the arched family room, pulling open the retractable glass wall, separating the family room from the large living room and dining room known by the neighbors as Ranai Island.
With the flip of the switch, the wall-
The balcony has Roses spanning shadows on three sides, allowing the tree-lined backyard, koi pond and pool to rush into the space, combining most of the space on the first floor of the house with the outdoors.
The light rain began to fall, but the neighbors were very comfortable, very dry, breathing the outdoor air, feeling the breeze, smiling and looking at the non-
Tropical plains of Kansas
"The room is actually outside," Pamela Jones said of the island of Ranai, although it has the same roof as the rest of the house.
Lanai contains a built-in
Grill, long dining table, fire pit and seating area-
Although you don't know, all of this is made of outdoor fabrics and materials.
European Heat-
For the comfort of the outdoor area, the water pump system provides heating and cooling.
"We want to have the outside come in and the inside come out, so when you open it, the outside comes in and when you close it. . .
"It's all interior design," said Pamela Jones . ".
When the tone of the island of Ranai falls, "You can't see clearly.
It's very private.
"And the outdoor air and light are not accessible through the screen.
"We want to use it as much as we can because it's very interesting," Pamela Jones said of Lanai . ".
Most people in Wichita can't reverse or open the windows of the house for most of the year because of the extreme weather conditions, but the neighbors think their balcony is enough rain or shine, can be used most of the year as the screen rises.
Even if it rains, only about 1 feet of the floor can see slight moisture.
Like these things, the elaborate transformation behind the Jones family began with an innocent discovery.
"When we were in Florida, we had already seen movable glass walls and we decided to have them in Wichita," said Pamela Jones . ".
One thing leads to another.
"Then every time I'm outside, I get bitten badly.
So my husband said we have to put some screen that can be moved up so we can turn it off.
We had a porch but we wanted it to be bigger and then we wanted it to have a big opening and then we wanted it to open and close so it turned into a balcony.
"They decided to remove the back of the first floor of the House, adding glass walls to the family room where the kitchen and previously strong walls were located, allowing access to the balcony from both rooms.
This also resulted in the redecoration of the two rooms, especially the family room.
The neighbors eventually climbed up the ceiling of the family room, tore off a wall with a fireplace and replaced it with a floor --to-
Overlooking the ceiling windows of the pool, while transforming the family room into natural stone, the inner wall of the family room is expanded.
Lime marble tiles from Peru are placed on the floor of the balcony, family room and kitchen.
"When you open the glass door, it looks like a space," said Pamela Jones . ".
The impressive thing is that the track of the retractable glass door is on the ceiling, not on the floor.
This will only make the whole work an engineering feat.
Greg Rupp, project manager at Nies construction, said it would be something he deserves to brag about --
It would be nice if he could explain it to anyone.
He said the entire huge roof from the family room across the island of Ranai was designed;
Usually the title above the opening of the outer door is hidden inside the roof, "so just below the ceiling, you can see the outside.
"The skylight on the ceiling requires beams, not raf children, and is also enclosed inside the roof.
Then steel I-
The beam required to support each glass panel that constitutes a retractable wall: each panel is 10 feet high, 4 feet wide and 400 pounds wide.
Placing the track on the ceiling requires absolute rigidity.
The company that makes glass panels is in Pennsylvania, so Rupp and his team have to communicate for a long time
Arrange the distance of all details and become good friends in the process.
Also, in the kitchen, the glass walls have to turn so that they don't block the line of sight when they open and pile up.
Rupp eventually places the track in the shape of the box on the ceiling to complete the rotation of the corner;
Bill Jones still has to stop and figure out how to track tracks accurately and manipulate them when he opens the door as if he were doing a puzzle.
"Everything is very, very tricky," Pamela Jones said of the project . ".
It took a year for concept work;
The building took nine months, during which a temporary wall had to be built to support the second floor of the House and seal the house from the elements.
This community must also live with this project.
Rupp said that on the day the wooden beams arrived at semis, Star Lumber came up with the only way to get them to the house was to move each wooden beam sideways along the street with a forklift.
"All the trees, shrubs, and everything else fit them.
The neighbors sat outside and watched for hours.
Designer Joe Gross did landscaping and found that the transportation of plant materials in the yard did not always coincide with the construction schedule, forcing some plants to be trimmed in the front yard until they were planted.
Pamela Jones is an interior designer.
Pamela interior design)
Bill Jones's business is insurance.
So it's a bit surprising that the two of them have designed the new house together --
He made architecture, she made interior design, carefully selected furniture, customized
For example, designing a carpet and a new front door took months to find someone who could translate a long and narrow vertical box into a fire pit with strict specifications.
"Everything we do is like this," said Pamela Jones . ".
"This is a huge project.
It's something else.
"In the converted family room, the stone wall drew attention, a huge portrait of Pamela, a work by a Colorado artist who effortlessly
Just paint drops.
When the button on the remote is pressed, the portrait rises to reveal a large-screen TV.
It turns out that as neighbors start living indoors,
All the weather is outside.
Technically, it is not necessary to enter the resistant fabrics and materials of the furniture on the island of Ranai, as these elements are mainly left outside.
"We don't know if it will rain, so we have to make all the outdoor fabrics," said Pamela.
"After the summer of Lanai, they are now looking forward to the change of the season.
"Every season is fun because every season will be new," said Pamela . ".
Bill Jones stepped back and framed the koi pond in an opening on the island of Ranai, staring out and smiling.
"Like a postcard.
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