skateboard hook - stud partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-20
skateboard hook  -  stud partition wall
One morning, when I went out to skate with my dog, I met a broken wooden skateboard near the skate ramp.
Picked it up and I realized it would be a great skateboard hook. . .
Some people can recover their losses.
Come with me and I will show you how to make your own skateboard hook. . .
You need an old skateboard platform and you may be lucky to find one just like I was abandoned in a local park.
The deck needs tail kick and truck fixing holes, and the shape of the bottom of the hook needs more.
The truck is a device consisting of a bottom plate, a cushion shaft pivot that allows the skater to turn the skateboard by tilting.
The only other part you need is-
Four screws for mounting truck fixing holes-
I use stainless steel screws.
About 5x20mm.
The length will depend on the thickness of the deck x2.
If they are a bit long, they can be pre-fitting.
If installed on a masonry wall, two screws and masonry plugs used to secure the wall.
Bring your tools.
The other is a jigsaw puzzle, a free saw or a copper saw.
Please use the old blade as the deck tape will blunt the blade. Disc sander -
I used an accessory on my lathe, although a separate disc/Sander is fine, or a hand held disc/Sander works as well. Spindle sander-
For tight internal curves, I used a spindle on the lathe to rotate it to the correct diameter with sandpaper glued to it.
Alternatively, the mountain side Sander or sanding accessories on the rotating tool can work well. Or by hand!
If fixed on the solid wall to fit the screw size drill bit to fit the screw size to fit the ironing sheet sandpaper-
The old deck tape worked great!
Scissors that cut the template can be in any color [except black]
, Or white chalk with a marked shape loads a PDF template file of the cut shape.
Print it out at 100% and cut it off on the dotted line.
Adjust the template if the size does not fit your deck well.
Place the template on the skateboard deck and focus the four truck fixing holes on the template.
Get all the city and spray paint around the template to mark where you need to cut.
I think chalk will work well on black deck tape, though not so cool!
Cut off the shape of the hook from the deck.
I used a small band saw to carefully roll the shape to keep the deck on the band saw table flat at all times.
Jigsaw puzzles are OK, even a saw or a copper saw.
Just use the best tool on your hand.
The deck tape is rough and will blunt your blade and make sure you're using the old one.
Polish the outside edges.
I have a disc polishing attachment on my lathe which is perfect for this situation.
Any disc sander or Sander/handheld can work well and even by hand.
The interior shape of the sand.
I used a spindle and I opened the lathe and stuck it to it with glue to get it to the exact diameter.
Bobbin Sander or rotary tool with suitable accessories can work by hand or again.
Light sand arriss [corners]by hand.
I found the tape deck to work as well as the abrasive!
Next, make an interval block to provide enough space for the skateboard.
Mark the location of the four truck fixing holes in a small area on the deck.
Although I set the final shape about 5mm from the edge of the hook, the interval is larger than those holes.
Remove any deck tape, just take a blade below.
Smooth the gasket.
As I'm sure you know, the skateboard deck is choppy and we need this gasket to be nice and flat and can be attached to the wall.
The two fixed holes of the bore and the countersunk head are concentrated above the gap hole.
This allows the hook to be firmly fixed on the wooden column. Pre-
The hook is fixed to the gasket through four truck fixing holes.
If your screw sticks out from the back of the gasket [as mine did]
Cut them down.
Remove and save for later installation.
Cool your skateboard hook ready for installation. . .
Decide where you want the skateboard hook to go.
You need a solid wall to fix the wooden columns, masonry or wooden columns of the gypsum board partition wall.
I advise you not to use plasterboard fixing as I know the power of the skateboard will tear it off!
Please be careful to make sure that there are no cables, water pipes or gas pipes on the wall where you want to repair the hooks.
Please consult a professional if you are not sure.
I chose the back of the OSB and the perfect and easy to fix workshop door.
To be frank, there should be skateboarding in every workshop. . .
It's cool and the best thing I know to move large weights.
Locate the gasket block and install the top screw.
Temporarily install the hook with several screws.
Stand up and make sure it is upright.
Remove the hook screw and install the bottom screw in the interval block.
All four mounting hooks for mounting screws with trucks.
Hang up your skateboard
Coats and hats are very easy to use. . . .
Enjoying this project is part of my YouTube series and it's a crap challenge and I'm trying to make cool and fun stuff from what we throw away.
If you want to see more challenges, check out my channel and if not, there will be more challenges coming up on the Instructure. Why not visit if you don't want to do a skateboard hook
See my series of curved birch layer hooks that are the inspiration for this manual.
There are also hook up scooters and hook up mini, the hook up guitar is on the way!
I would love to make one for you.
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