sight-unseen buy opens up treasure - partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-06-25
sight-unseen buy opens up treasure  -  partition wall
Mark and Melissa McLean bought their big Vine Street property at Oakland's St. Mary's Bay attraction, which they couldn't see online.
Although they have never been there, they know it will be the ideal home for families in the future.
Melissa is Australian and Mark is from New Zealand.
During their life in Melbourne, they often come back on vacation to catch up with Mark's New Zealand family and friends and experience the vibrant Pomodoro social scene.
When Mark's work sent them back to Auckland 11 years ago, they knew it was the place they wanted to live in.
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"We love it here," said Melissa . "
"We don't have children at that stage.
There are cafes, restaurants and bars all over the place. you can walk everywhere.
"We saw it online and couldn't go back and check the property.
So, our friend checked and told us it was great.
"The house is located on three floors with extra space over three floors, with elegant traditional style and vast living space.
"As one of the largest parts of St. Mary's Bay, in a quiet, no.
"The harbor view is amazing on exit Street," added Melissa . ".
About six months after they moved in, they agreed to renovate the house that grew up from a single storey bungalow.
The plan is to make it more cohesive and more appropriate for the lifestyle they envision.
Moving into the cottage above the garage, they definitely thought a lot, looking forward to a large group of people, a lot of indoor outdoor entertainment, as well as a host family living in other places.
Mark said: "The decoration is very large, and the builders are all out --
Over a year to finish them.
But the layout and structure remain basically the same.
"Everything has been upgraded to make it super-comfortable.
The lower floor houses a guest suite, office, separate lounge and bathroom, which used to be "damp and smelly ".
Mark and Melissa waterproof it, so all the rooms are warm and dry and there are ramps in the bathroom, which creates convenience for Melissa's disabled sister to check in.
The lower lounge extends to the outdoor terrace and the broad lawn, and two children Tom and Irene enjoy playing in the tree house and the sand pit.
Dedicated to entertainment, there is a huge light at the entrance above
Flow from the wide entrance and stairwell to the filling area of a large kitchen (
Laundry/washing dishes available)
Dining space.
It expanded to the lounge, "perfect for entertainment," said Mark ".
It extends north through the field of view, leading to the elevated deck through double fold, and is now reinforced and widened with outdoor heating on the ceiling.
To strengthen the kitchen, they installed a huge U-
Shape of stone stool.
It turns out that this is not a simple task.
"The huge weight of the stone needs to be significantly reinforced from below," Mark said . ".
Upstairs, Mark said, they added a partition wall to the huge master suite, creating another bedroom, "if the new owner wants to restore a larger room, it can easily be
The main suite is spacious with a dressing room the size of an ordinary bedroom.
There are plenty of guests to choose from in this home, including a huge renovated suite overlooking a pool that has retired and replaced with salt water.
The landscaping of Humphries is very striking.
Lighting is added along the reconstructed driveway and there is a solemn feeling as you move towards the house.
The property has become a city resort for parents and children.
McLeans even negotiated an easement through Westwood Tce so that the children could walk to Ponsonby elementary school in a few minutes via Shirley Beach Road.
But as other plans unfold, they have decided that the property is too big now.
5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 parking spaces.
• Land 14. 0q m, house sq m.
Price: $6,100,000 CV.
Check: call multiple times.
Tender: Unless sold in advance through a private treaty, it will be closed at four o'clock P. M. on August 16.
• School: Ponsonby Elementary School, Ponsonby intermediate, St. Mary's College, West Spring College, Auckland girl.
Contact details: Pene Milne, Sotheby's, 021919940, oneroof. co.
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