should i convert my alcove into a bedroom? - temporary partition wall

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should i convert my alcove into a bedroom?  -  temporary partition wall
I have a restaurant niche in my kitchen-
Bedroom apartment.
Should I turn it into a second bedroom? A.
"When someone sees that the dining area can be a second bedroom, this is the advantage of resale," said Mady Faber, a real estate agent at Manhattan town house . ".
"Being able to buy one for a growing family or couple --
Can be converted into two bedroom
The bedroom means they can stay there for a few more years if they have children or need to work from home.
She added that the potential for this conversion usually makes the apartment more valuable than the straight one --
Bedroom that cannot be converted.
Continuing the conversion before listing the property can make the house more attractive.
Just make sure you really have enough space, she says, because "aesthetically, if the living room is small, you cut off the dining area and create a second bedroom, which looks a little cramped.
This may deter potential buyers.
The kitchen should also have a separate entrance instead of going through the new bedroom so the flow of the space doesn't feel awkward.
James Ramsey, owner of New York design company RAAD, said space must meet several other basic requirements in order to be considered a real second bedroom.
The first is "plenty of light and air," he said, meaning the space needs a window.
"The width of the bedroom needs to be at least 8 feet in size," he said . ".
In his SoHo apartment.
Ramsey recently transformed a dining corner into a bedroom --old son.
"It's basically a room, calculated at the minimum size you need
"The big bed, the crib and a dresser, you can change the baby on it," he said . ". (Mr.
Ramsey suggested that anyone considering this should first "reverse engineer" the room based on the furniture to be entered in order to avoid late
Construction surprise. )
If your space meets the minimum requirements, you can usually create a second bedroom by adding a new wall.
A permanent wall is an option.
Ramsey pointed out, but the pressure Wall (
Not temporary partitions permanently fixed on structural members, so can be removed more easily in the future)
Can also.
Anyway, he recommended a pocket door instead of a revolving one because it saved space.
For a more elegant solution, sir.
Ramsey recommends installing a sliding partition or glass door on the track so that the room can be open when not in use.
"This is obviously a bigger expense," he said . ".
"But it gives you the illusion of more light and more space.
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