Shelter: Rosemont home built in 1962 has retained many original features - room divider wall

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Shelter: Rosemont home built in 1962 has retained many original features  -  room divider wall
When the Swede Anders Aben lived in his apartment in Stockholm in his early 40 s, one day he felt he needed to change.
Arben, who holds a master's degree in computer science, resigned and went to the Philippines, where he met Marie-Claude (
Who prefers not to use her last name in this article)
A Québec working there.
Long story short, he then moved to Montreal and built the house together.
At first, the couple lived in a rented apartment.
However, Arben has always wanted to buy a place where he can run a business.
For a while, he took the time to fiddle with the old-fashioned keyboard of his collection (
Last count over 40)
But according to Mary
Claude, the series is finally out of control, prompting them to move to their current residence --a 6,400-square-
Two-story apartment in Rosemont.
The house was built in 1962 and retains many of its original mid-term buildings.
Century features-
The couple like it very much.
There's a 20 in the finished basement.
Seats in private movie theaters and bars that look like they came out straight from Sean Connelly --
James Bond film
When they realize that they can use the house as a location for filming movies and videos.
Arben thinks he can add a sound booth and a studio to mix and match the soundtracks to fulfill his dream of having a business and a home under one roof.
Their living area is on the first floor and the dining room and kitchen are open plan.
Opposite is a large foyer with floor in the living room --to-
Ceiling windows and fireplace.
There are five bedrooms, two of which are family offices.
I have a friend in the entertainment industry. this house looks natural.
When we saw the basement with the cinema, everything came together.
I love building things and I have done a lot.
For example, I built a terrace outside the laundry room, but for me it was more of a problem adjusting what was already here.
Part of what we do is to keep what is here, part is a renovation, part is to adjust the space according to modern needs.
A lot of surprises, but not annoying.
For example, there is a mirror wall downstairs in the bar.
I found a hand when I removed them
Murals are painted below.
In the cinema, when I removed Gyprock from the wall, we found the original wallpaper.
It is in its original state because it has been covered up for years. (Laughs. )We did.
I think the whole interior is painted white by the former owner to make the house look fresh and attract potential buyers. They are.
They are part of the 1960 "Royal System wall unit" created by Danish designer Poul Cadovius.
The advantage of these devices is that they can be moved and reconfigured.
As you can see, we use one of them as a room partition between the dining room and the kitchen.
: One of my former business partners used different paint bands on the furniture he made in his studio.
I think they will be a great abstract piece of art!
There are a lot of designs, but we are used to them now.
A: I made a headboard with recycled veneer-
The rest-
It has dual functions.
Because it is the outer wall, the wood is insulated.
Back in the 1960 s, people didn't really care about the environment, they were heating everywhere.
We use geothermal energy.
The heat pump is in the basement. Exactly!
The shelter is a series of conversations with tenants or apartment owners.
Marie Arben, 61, Mary
Claudia, 49, and Laura of Rosemont, Labrador houndsLa Petite-
Patrie 6,400 square feet on two floors $860,000 (in 2007)
: From August 2007
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