Shelter: Hardwood floors and vintage furniture add charm to Westmount apartment - room divider wall

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Shelter: Hardwood floors and vintage furniture add charm to Westmount apartment  -  room divider wall
Anne Renaud has a rich educational and professional background.
She was born in vallefield and spent her childhood in bohanoise, after which her family moved to northern Quebec, while she went to an English university in North Bay.
She studied radio and television broadcasting there, but admitted she was not fully ready to enter the job market.
After a while, she moved to Montreal, where she received a degree from Concordia, specializing in translation.
Renaud found that the translation was "quite isolated "(
Like free writers, translators often work from home)
So she went back to her research, this time to track
One-year business course in Notre
College of Commonwealth Secretaries (
Next door to Dawson College).
She found a job almost immediately and ended up working for the respected John McCallum in McGill. (
He is now the Canadian ambassador to China, a former university professor and a member of parliament. )
Today, Renaud is an administrative assistant to Mayor Westmount.
She has worked with Peter Trent for many years and now he has retired and is now working with temporary mayor Kristina Smith.
Renault is also a prolific author of children's books. (
"This is a natural transition from translation to writer," she explained . ". )
She specializes in research.
A novel about Canadian history and a frame copy of her book hangs on the wall of the restaurant
Floor apartments in Westmount duplex.
Built in 1890, this building is typical of that era.
Hardwood floors, ceiling medals, separate dining room and kitchen, and double "living room" are available in the room ". (
Half used as a living room and the other half as a home office for Renaud. )
There are two balconies, one behind the building and one in front.
Renaud moved into the apartment she rented in July 2015.
I didn't want to move, but a very noisy family moved into the apartment above me a few years ago.
They work in a restaurant, so they get used to coming late at night and don't make terrible noises until two or three in the morning.
After months of lack of sleep and suffering, I complained to anyone willing to listen about my fate and mentioned that I was looking for another place to live.
Fortunately, one of the best friends of a Westmont mp I know owns the building and her tenant is moving out.
I didn't even see this place except Wendy
She's my landlord. she lives downstairs.
She has pictures on her phone, that's it! It was.
I took a bunch of furniture from another place!
I really asked Wendy if I could keep some of her stuff;
Microwave, appliances, bed in her spare room, her big apartmentscreen TV (
Renaud installed it in her own bedroom)
And Grandpa clock in the living room.
I inherited it from my uncle.
I think it is perfect for hardwood floors. (Laughs. )
Wendy was a little surprised, but I wanted the same color as my previous apartment.
This color is actually very well matched with the white base plate and the white mantel.
It's too heavy, but it's safe so it won't fall off.
I would like something big to match the classical proportions of the room. It is.
Most of my old stuff, I picked it up here and there.
Some antique shops from NotreDame St.
I bought my table in a shop and the dining chairs came from another shop.
They are not really a pair, but I think they get along very well.
They were originally from the church, but I bought them at the antique shop.
This is the result of real estate sales.
It doesn't work anymore, but I play my cd through the speaker.
The shelter is a weekly series of conversations with tenants or apartment owners.
Anne Renaud, 60 Westmount, 1,000 square feet (
And two balconies.
Undisclosed: from July 2015
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