sheet music decoupaged pax room divider - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-31
sheet music decoupaged pax room divider  -  room divider wall with door
When we moved into the attic, we decided that Ikea's Pax wardrobe was the perfect way to divide the living room and bedroom.
The problem is that Ikea is not going to make the Pax a room partition, its purpose is to pull against the wall, so the back is not finished.
In the short term, when I assembled these units, I turned the thin cardboard into a single board, which is to finish the back of the wardrobe (
Same color as outside)
Left and right, behind such a wardrobe (
In the living room)
Same color as other wardrobes.
Inspired by The Hobbit wall, we decided to complete the back of the wardrobe by going to the coupling score.
We choose sheet music because it is a big part of our lives, but it may be a dictionary, a novel, a poem, a newspaper, a map, or anything else on paper.
What do you need.
Create some kind of board with solid backing for de-coupling applications.
Screws connecting board Primer (
We use Kilz because it's cheap and does a good job)
No matter what paper you choose to use. White glue (
We bought a four-liter bottle of lapage for $15)Foam brushes (
Buy a lot, they are cheap, they will break if you do 200 like us)
''Polycrylic'' Trim (
Metal, wood you want)Adhesive (
Edge: We use liquid nails)
These boards only cost $8 from Home Depot to Home Depot.
This is a cheap cardboard that will be covered in any case, and its function is to provide a rigid and smooth surface for de-coupling.
We covered three metres in total.
However, we have four units, 50 cm and 100 cm respectively.
We let the people of Home Depot cut the boards (
They didn't charge us for the cuts).
We need three boards in total. We pre-
Drill holes about once every 6-8 inches.
You can't screw it in because it will crush the board.
Take time and pre-drill.
We screwed the boards in and found that they were cut perfectly and met the requirements and we were relieved.
To prepare the primer, we installed all the boards and wiped them clean with a vacuum cleaner.
We applied it with a Kilz primer.
The only thing we should do is attach the connection with masking tape first and then paint.
Then the wall will be seamless.
Wet paper likes to enter the smallest cracks and bubbles.
When you dry the primer on the wall panel, you may be productive.
Whatever you choose to use, be prepared in advance.
It will eventually save you from a headache.
Pay attention to something as prominent as a bar code.
We copied a few pieces of music, original work, a few sheets of music, jazz charts, and a few pieces that made sense to us (
We don't want to destroy the original)
And try to represent a series of music genres.
Preparation is the most important work in many projects.
With this project, it's time-consuming to go coupling, so be ready to put in a few hours.
We are very picky about order and survival (
Outstanding things we like and want to show).
I think it took a total of 8 hours to remove the wall.
Remember, it's about 90 square feet of wall.
White glue (in a container)
There is some water.
We found that 1 water and 4 glue works best.
Don't be too thin or too thick.
Arrange some wax paper to do it.
It can reduce the confusion very well.
Change the wax paper every time it becomes tacky and messy.
Take a piece of paper and apply the glue mixture to the back of the paper with a foam brush (
On wax paper).
Draw a patch on the wall about the same size as your paper.
Put the paper on the wall you just painted, apply more glue on the surface of the paper that started working from a corner, and try to remove as many bubbles as possible. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Etc.
Note: Once the glue is dry, the paper will tighten and many small bubbles will disappear. Keep going.
Overlap as much as possible.
We decided to keep all levels, but you can also open the newspaper in different directions.
Once the walls are completely dry (wait a day)
With a seal.
Polyacrylic is based on water, but it still makes you dizzy.
Make sure you have adequate ventilation.
I'm using a foam brush (
Because I don't want to do a lot of cleanup work)
It took me about 1/2 hours to buy two coats (Two hours apart).
We found a decoration in Home Depot that matches the brushed aluminum texture of the Pax door we have.
I think $8 is about $15 a piece.
I think these two decorative boards are more expensive than all of them, which is interesting.
We cut it into the right size with a steel saw from Home Depot.
We stick them on both sides with liquid nails.
For substrates, we left some from the original buildings that have been conveniently drawn to match the rest of the substrate.
I cut it into size, Mitter the edges, and stick it in place.
That's it. All done.
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