secrets of good interior designers and why you can trust them - moving walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-06
secrets of good interior designers and why you can trust them  -  moving walls
Why do you trust your interior designer?
Organized space
We pursue interior design, which allows us to easily complete our daily tasks, providing storage solutions and adequate comfort.
Add to these self
We feel honored to express and style!
No wonder the interior design industry is becoming more and more popular.
Nevertheless, many are not convinced that their reluctance is based on concerns about this process and the outcome.
In fact, most of us feel uncomfortable letting others make decisions on our behalf.
But is that what interior designers do? Make decisions about your space and lifestyle?
There is no doubt that the interior design is personalized, it is personal to arrange your own space, and from my point of view as an interior designer, the personal space entrusted to the customer is an honor!
At the same time, it's a smart move to believe that professionals will arrange your space in a way that reflects your lifestyle, not risk!
Interior designers are usually known for their knowledge and understanding of space and design, but few will realize that a good interior designer has a good understanding of human nature and the impact of the environment on occupants.
In other words, a good interior designer will design a space suitable for the lifestyle of the occupants, not the opposite.
So, what makes it possible for designers to provide personalized interior design for their customers?
They have interpersonal skills and natural abilities.
Three interpersonal skills communication is a mutual process of listening before providing advice, and satisfying the query by providing reasons and reasoning, so as to do so reliably.
Insight is the skill of reading between the lines to understand and express meaning, though not verbally.
Related to others is the ability to grasp the views of others and understand their views, rather than being blinded by personal views and preferences.
Sixth Sense three natural ability-
Before they put the pen on paper, mentally rearrange the space and imagine their unique ability to create.
A talented designer made a virtual transfer in a future environment, made an instant blueprint, and started moving walls, applying finishes, placing furniture and lighting, the whole area is then visualized, and then it may even be adjusted, usually at the time of initial consultation. Confidence -
Interior designers are always confident in their proposal and rarely deviate from their original direction.
They understand the client brief and know that they will provide even if the client has questions in the process.
Their confidence is reliable because it is based on knowledge and experience rather than pride.
Solve the problem-
Even in terms of design, the best remedy is prevention.
What designers do is to predict and overcome problems before they arise.
However, even if unforeseen circumstances arise in the course of implementation, they will find solutions and often see obstacles as new opportunities.
Now that we have built the skills that a designer has, you may be curious about the process itself.
What are the behind-the-scenes duties that interior designers usually take for granted?
Analyze customer needs.
Apply design principles and human behavior science to formulate relevant design plans.
Prepare a presentation of the proposed concept through drawings and 3D imaging, which will communicate their suggestions effectively.
Ensure that the proposed concept is safe, ergonomic, functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Solve the problems of environment and sustainable development.
Choose colors, textures, materials and finishes to meet the aesthetic preferences of the customer.
Explain the functionality, maintenance, performance, environmental and safety benefits of their suggestions.
Specify furniture, fixtures and equipment that reflect the design concept, including layout drawings.
Provide project management services including preparation of project budget and schedule.
Prepare working drawings and lighting design.
As a bargaining representative and purchasing agent for the client.
Communicate information on project progress and completion-
Check in assessment and report on behalf of client.
As you may have concluded, your interior designer is more than just an interior designer.
Experienced interior designers from a holistic perspective, taking into account human behavior and its interaction with space, become a facilitator of the customer's self
Provides practical and beautiful environment and daily life solutions.
So once you 've identified that your interior designer has these six things that we 've discussed (
3. interpersonal skills and three natural abilities)trust them!
Keep your designer away from your project and only call them when you need advice, which means you don't get the benefit from their resources and contacts.
Let your interior designer open the door to exclusive furniture and household items for you to access the cutting-edge design technology finishes and materials available in the industry!
Consider your experienced interior designer as your luxury cruise, not a rescue ship.
Get on the bus from the start, not when all else fails.
Trust your designer's knowledge, skills and abilities to navigate you through your interior design journey to your dream destination!
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