scott diament: from bagel boy to emperor of the fair - temporary partition wall

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scott diament: from bagel boy to emperor of the fair  -  temporary partition wall
The antiques at McCall fine arts William Cook Palm Beach jewellery, art and antiques exhibition at the Palm Beach jewellery, art and antiques exhibition "never had a company like this one, just like this one. . .
I really believe that it will be a legitimate competitor to major auction houses over the years.
When you talk about where you buy antiques, the Palm Beach Exhibition Group will be there: "I bought it at Sotheby's, I bought it at Christie, I bought it at the Palm Beach Exhibition Group ". " -
In just 11 years, businessman/gem expert/entrepreneur Scott Diamon became the defending emperor of the high-end fair, the owner and operator of ten pieces of art, antiques and jewellery fairs in the United States are attended by international exhibitors.
Hundreds of thousands of people participate every year, and hundreds of millions of dollars change hands.
In January, I witnessed the road that Diament cleverly took to the exit of the Los Angeles art show, and his only fair was mainly contemporary art, passing through his booth near the jewelry show, so, at the end of art appreciation, guide Art customers to show through luxurious jewelry.
More than 60,000 people attended.
Day activities in the downtown convention center.
At the Palm Beach jewellery, art and antiques show in February, I watched the installation of countless temporary partitions of gray, blue, beige, peach, lavender and white, watching the sky calmly, superb skills, handle (
I'm sure it's normal)
Complaints about lighting, booth size and location, and some exhibitors missed the plane due to the northern snowstorm.
This is a person who is good at conflict resolution and an experienced talker.
I saw him, the father of two little boys, personally tested a stroller to help Australian businessmen settle down for her children.
He directed the construction team and asked the two to lift a pole instead of a pole.
He welcomed the arrival of exhibitors, including a painting by Jean Dufy, a new art-style pendulum, shiny blades on a turbine jet, Asian lacquer boxes, Persian carpets, the 18th-century Swedish armchair, a fossil of 50 million years.
Every possible space on the floor of the Palm Beach County Convention Center has been requisitioned.
Procul Harum's "whiter Gurr" is playing to compete with deafening drill bits and chainsaws.
At the private preview party the next night, everything will be perfect as champagne and appetizers are offered to elite collectors.
Jean Dufy: "Road of art", about 1955, oil on canvas, "Destroyer" of 13x16 inchesChilds gallery, Bahram Shabahang
10' x14' orley Shabahang carpet is a pure wool knotted carpet, and many exhibitors of Diament are regulars.
Miami real estate jeweler Steven neekman told me that since the first Palm Beach fair 11 years ago, he has shown it at almost all the Diament shows in various cities.
Diament explained that he was dealing with "1500 exhibitors at our event. . . .
And thousands of moving pieces!
"In South Florida, he has 25,000 square feet of storage with complete wall systems, carpets and lighting.
He also holds a lot of trailers.
Stephen Neckman Diamond and real estate JewelrySigned Van Cleef & Arpels black and white pearl necklace flower coral buckle and diamondsScott diamen have always been entrepreneurs.
At the age of 12, he sent bagels in the Bronx, earning about $250 a week.
At 14, he sold the bagel business to another child for $5,000.
Although his name is the Polish word "Diamond", The New York-born and Palm Beach residence, Diament, is not owned by the jeweler family.
He said: "I met someone in college called Robert Samuels, who is my business partner in these events, who is in the diamond business in Miami, he asked me if I wanted to do business with him and his father.
"After the opening of the first provident fund jewelry store in West Palm Beach (with Samuels)
In 1993, he was a Gemological student at G. I. A.
He and Samuels soon became exhibitors.
They eventually opened six Florida jewelry stores.
The exhibition was collected in 2004.
Scott Diament said he slept in the hotel for 138 nights last year. On April, a hotel in Chicago will welcome Diament.
It will be the first year of the Chicago International art, jewelry and antiques show at the Navy Pier.
Diament has sought to buy established trade fairs held annually in the commodity market, but has been rejected.
He did not hesitate to hire the manager of the show for ten years and started his own exhibition at the pier, Chicago's largest tourist attraction.
"It looks like I started from scratch, but I'm not. . . . .
I got the dealer here.
The overlap with the show can be 60%.
"The old trade fair has now been canceled.
Diament also bought the long autumn in New York.
The opening show of the armory of Park Avenue, formerly known as "Avenue ".
"I changed my name," he said.
New York art, antiques and jewellery fair ".
It's a big difference because there's no "New York" show. . . . .
I have mixed European exhibitors, US exhibitors and Asian exhibitors.
These three constituencies are the key.
This does not exist in New York.
There are the European haudon international fair, the American winter show, and the Asian show.
"I was 99% prepared to have Le Cirque make a restaurant there," he added, offering food to his collectors.
I 've seen some of the 2012 British TV series "businessman", scott Diament and four other experts bid each other on various valuables, and I see he performs best when competing for items such as the Argentine Meteor (
He was paid three times as much as he did)
There is also a vintage Chanel perfume that, in tough negotiations, has outbid a castmate for 50 p.
"I sold them to a buyer in New York and made 80%," he said with a smile . ".
I asked for a brief explanation on the market atmosphere of Palm Beach's performance group for multiple cultural venues: Palm Beach: "The rich are exclusive and exciting.
Helen Frank heat, 2003, Long-
50, Sharp gallery hand signature version of color Ukiyo-
Pace PrintsBaltimore: "The collection has a long history, hundreds of years.
"Queen Anne, high school in California.
1770, Jeffrey Tilou AntiquesDallas: "Everything is a big calf.
Multinational corporations. Growing.
Dallas spends more on the performing arts center than anywhere in the world.
"Royal Blue Diamond, M. S. Rau Antiques10. 06-
The best blue diamond in the city of Naples today: "The Elegance of the sea.
Filled with the middlewesterners.
In Naples, Florida, Fortune 500 has more retired CEOs than any other city.
A fossil mural from Wyoming 50 years ago, 60 "x84" x2.
75 deep, 340 amazing lgbsgallery ThingsLos Angeles: "young, energetic, energetic, exciting, leading the trendsetting.
I think Los Angeles is a culture.
The city that forms the Earth.
Color of China: Impression of Lin Peng Highway, 2013, oil of Chicago, Canada: "It has always been a great collection city, a great building city.
They like furniture, design, jewelry.
It is second only to New York for collectors.
The New York Navy: "At the peak of art, antiques and jewelry shows, there are only two places in the world, New York and London.
There may be another one in the future, either Hong Kong or Shanghai.
"Park Avenue CollectorsNet ArmoryDiament has begun. com.
"This is a web company I created designed to help dealers who are involved in my activities.
For me, it seems very logical that people who like this event like the online version of this event.
This is not the same, but it allows you to index and research the project. . . . .
I think there are about 10,000 hits per month.
It is still developing.
I basically advertise everything.
"David Webb gold, emerald, blue enamel and diamond necklaces, California.
1970 Camilla Diz Bergon Co. , Ltd.
He is also continuing to expand, investigate other American cities and hold meetings in the Shanghai free trade zone.
In his current ten shows, he said, "At the moment, as individual independent shows, they are not all profitable, but overall the show company is doing quite well.
It's really the biggest.
The idea is to create a connected network that will follow you from show to show.
"A multi-colored plaster picture of a warrior of a crouching tiger Hidden Tiger (ca. 250AD-600AD)
The collection of the future museum of Guatemala at the Mayan spiritual exhibition of Los Angeles jewellery antiques and design exhibition, he pointed out, "the successful exhibition has three main components.
There are entertainment activities here, so the opening night is entertainment.
It's about the first eye, exclusive and entertaining.
I think all programs must have cultural content, similar to museums.
They must spread the culture among the people who come to visit.
The third thing it needs is to save investment.
If it does not have an economic foundation that exists, if it is not sold and there is no investment, then it fails.
International art, antiques and jewellery show in Chicago, Palm Beach jewellery, art and antiques show (April 24-28, 2014)
Baltimore summer Antiques Show (August 21-24, 2014)
Art, antiques and jewellery fair in New York (September 17-21, 2014)
Jewellery & watches at Palm Beach (November 13-16, 2014)
Dallas international exhibition of art, antiques and jewellery (November 6-10, 2014, 2013)LA Art Show (January 14-18, 2015)
Los Angeles antiques, jewelry & Design Show (January 14-18, 2015)
Art, antiques and jewellery shows in Naples (February 5 -9, 2015)
Jewellery, art and antiques exhibition at Palm Beach (February 13-17, 2015)
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