‘scientology’ accuses church leader david miscavige of physical abuse - partition wall

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‘scientology’ accuses church leader david miscavige of physical abuse  -  partition wall
Sandaki's rivals, Leah Remi, and Mike Lind, travel to Seattle, Washington.
Los Angeles, California.
On Tuesday, Leah Remi: Scientology and Yu Bo focused on founder L.
David micawich, Ron Hubbard's successor
Former Parish resident Remini and Rinder met before
Scientific commentator Jeff Hawkins, father of the current leader of Tom bachchtand, Ron mikavich, in part 4 of A & E docu --series.
Hawkins and shakcht discussed serious physical abuse allegations in Seattle, and Ron described his experience at the church's international headquarters, known as the "golden base" near Hermet, California. “(David)
"He's a mean guy," Hawkins said . " Hawkins, a 30-year Parish resident, described him as a "marketing master of the School of Science ".
"David mikaweiji made five personal attacks on me.
Hawkins recalled that when he tried to explain the script he had written for an advertising company he said David didn't like, he was charged with assault on one occasion. “(David)
"It's just a constant mess of yourself," Hawkins told Remini . ".
"Then, at the end, he jumped on the table, shot me, hit me on the partition, began to knock my face, and knocked me down on the floor.
I was scratched.
My shirt was torn off.
He was called David's "go-
For Guy, "it's also a 30-year membership.
He left on 2005.
Mr. mcccht said he had been attacked by David because he had not been given permission to tear up the sidewalk outside the group's property in Florida to defend against protests. “(David)
Did you receive it?
"" Sharecht shared.
"I said, 'No, sir, 'before I had thought he would jump off the table and catch mine (expletive)
Push it up.
I can't breathe.
I can't speak.
Bachcht said that he left the sect because he found that some of the claims were not confirmed, including what was brought about by the church's path to spiritual enlightenment.
David, he claims, uses Hubbard's guide and plans to personally design different levels on the road. “(David)
"Hey, I have a worksheet-Hubbard's worksheet," says thorncht . ".
"That's all I have to do.
I have to develop OT IX (
A high level on the path)is.
It suddenly occurred to me that this was a farce.
"The church refutes Hawkins and shakcht in A stern letter to A & E.
The organization wrote, ". . . Lying is nothing new to Hawkins, who has always been an untrustworthy counter
The media of scientific theory has come from many years.
More than a decade ago, his story about being a victim of violence as a staff member was debunked.
The church called rakcht "a violent, admitted liar who left the church in 2005 after an investigation into his massive waste of church money.
"Forcing lies permeates almost every aspect of life at shakcht.
Using him as a source is a sign of how much pollution your project will be.
"David's father, Ron, told Lindle and Remi in Los Angeles that it took him and his wife six months to execute the 2011-meter exit from the Gold Base.
"If there is news that we are planning to leave, we will be caught," said Ron . ".
"My car keys will be taken away.
Becky and I would have been apart, we would have been doing physical work all day, when we were away (doing)
We will be questioned by an auditor.
For 42 years, Ron has painted a bleak picture of life at the organization's international headquarters.
He claims to live within the limits of the barbwire fence, his letters were read by the security department, and his phone was monitored.
He also said that in order to avoid members running away, they were scheduled for a doctor's appointment.
The church also wrote a derogatory article about Ron.
In a letter asking Slauson Productions to "stop playing games" and meet with the church, the organization claims Ron has "ten years-
A long history of vicious domestic violence, "a long history of anti-domestic violence"
Comments and actions by the flash clan, as well as the "shocking history of racist Reviews ". p. p1 {margin: 0. 0px 0. 0px 0. 0px 0. 0px; font: 10. 0px Arial; color: 323333; background-color: fafafa}span. s1 {font-kerning: none}span. s2 {text-
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Hurhurch further refuted the allegations in a statement provided to USA Today.
"Leah Remi did the show for money, just like she made a profit from the book.
In addition, she tried to extort the church, asking for $500,000 in the first place, and an additional $1 million in the second, because the church invoked the rights of the First Amendment to respond to her false allegations with the truth.
This shows the extent to which Leah Remi is willing to go in order to distort the truth of the Scientology.
"You can read more letters from the church here.
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