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by:EBUNGE     2019-09-05
schwarzenegger endorses: compares john kasich to \
Hundreds of people were packed with Franklin Park Conservatory of Music on Sunday afternoon, and Arnold Schwarzenegger officially endorsed longtime comrade John Kasich at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio.
Schwarzenegger, wearing a Kasich campaign jacket, called Kasich a "hero of action," and as a member of Congress in Washington, he "kicked some serious ass," citing him as a budget for the House
In 1968, Schwarzenegger came to the United States with "absolutely nothing". he told about his trip to the United States. He said that "the land of opportunity" gave him great success, kasich is required to be "responsible and at the White House ".
John Kasic: If I win Ohio, the Republican Party will get a "convocation ". Kasich often mentions his Republican governor when he complains about negative advertising to him.
Kasich likes to say that Schwarzenegger suggested that he "love hitting people ".
The role of "Action 2016 California" true repentance "in the election to interfere with Donald Trump's Christmas decorations in 2016 @ $149 to move the Melania Trump card into the White House?
Trump's senior adviser gave more speeches on white nationalism at 2016 Schwarzenegger campaign, where Schwarzenegger attended his annual Arnold Sports Festival, after he expressed support for Kasich, but it was not officially approved at a conference call.
A few days before the New Hampshire primary, when he praised his "refreshing movement" and described him as a "great leader," he was an "uniter, notThe two-
The former governor of California will host NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" to replace the Republican Party next season"
Donald Trump
Kasich ran a one-day campaign in his hometown before the winner in March 15. take-
He believes all the primaries that are crucial to his survival in the 2016 race.
Kasich wants to get enough delegates to attend the Republican convention in Cleveland this year, but he mentioned that failure in his home state will eventually lead to his withdrawal.
The governor of Ohio continues to live up to his promise to carry out an active campaign, and at today's rally he encourages today's voters to work together to form a "beautiful mosaic ", solve the problems that bother the United States and push the United States forward.
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