rural conditions in roman britain - wooden partition wall

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rural conditions in roman britain  -  wooden partition wall
In addition to our knowledge of the living conditions of British farms in Rome, a noteworthy addition is that the farm buildings in Carnarvonshire were excavated by Mr. CarnarvonshireB. H. St. J.
O'Neal represents the work office of Time magazine in December 29.
The site is located at Caerau farm north of Pant Glas station, and the area has provided evidence of similar planting sites, apparently, part of a rural group or community located in Carnarvon centered on the Fort Saigon of Rome, where it is still easy to discern ancient terraces
Along the hillside, four ancient farms facing the West appeared in succession, one of which was almost intact.
In an excellent system described as an ancient field, two separate courtyard houses rise each other, the first of which is about 100 Oval.
Long, surrounded by a stone
A wall of soil or turf.
It is approached by an 8-foot cobblestone road.
Wide, enter the courtyard through an opening on the wall.
There are now two rooms open in this yard, but there were four rooms originally.
The rooms are round and the larger rooms are 25 feet in diameter.
Their structure is very interesting.
The wall is now 4 feet.
May never be higher.
The roof is supported by six pillars and the hole in the middle is still there
Between the wall and the center of the building, there may also be pillars.
On the west side of the room there is a stone stool, a drain pipe and a trench, which may be a slot used to receive wooden partitions to divide the room into two parts.
The small hut also has a drainage system and a trench system, apparently for industrial purposes;
The discovery of one furnace and two furnaces indicates a reduction in metal.
The second house on the edge of the field system has a polygon boundary wall with a well
Defined entrance and at least five rooms around the courtyard.
There seems to be a ridge roof in a room.
Large pieces of pottery are typical Romanesque.
British in the second and third centuriesD.
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