rti activist exposes various flaws in india's first integrated check post | india news - times of india - foldable partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-26
rti activist exposes various flaws in india\'s first integrated check post | india news - times of india  -  foldable partition wall
Amritsar: the use of various structural defects and undesirable materials in the construction of India's first comprehensive checkpoint (ICP)
The cost of Attari is RS 104, which has been exposed through rrti.
Within two weeks after the cargo terminal was operated on April 20, the manager of the Central Warehousing Company (CWC)
ICP Rameshwar AR has sent a letter to the regional manager of the CWC detailing that the construction area of the 1B and C godown has collapsed.
The information received by The Advocate and TI activist PC Sharma on May 18 through the RTI shows that ICP, ICP manager Rameshwar AR in a letter to the CWC regional manager in Chandigarh on April 24, 2012 said, the "appointment ceremony" has already started to fix the lost number 1B, but the situation of the lost number 1B is deteriorating.
He also complained about God's leak.
In a recent accident, leaks from roofs 1B and 2C were found.
He also wrote that the Rites built three godown at ICP, and they built a U-shaped area on the north side wall of each godown at a height of up to 8 feet, this leads to the fact that in these God-owned stock stores, anyone can enter godown by skipping the wall area.
He wrote that in addition to the insurance perspective, godown should be built with a beautiful partition wall.
He also mentioned that loose goods for gypsum and clinker were stored in low-lying open designated areas, and that importers and customs agents required the pucca platform area to store their imported goods, he wrote.
He also complained that CCTV cameras had not been installed.
When in contact with Rameshwar on Thursday, he said most of the repair work had been completed, but he said the CCTV camera had not been installed yet.
On the other hand, Sharma requested an investigation into the alleged use of inferior building materials in the construction of the ICP and the immediate elimination of structural defects.
He said he would also discuss the issue with relevant ministries.
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