Room to improve - interior dividing wall

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Room to improve  -  interior dividing wall
Don't move, improve--
This is the theme of the "Ideal Home" program.
Susan Daley gets a preview and some practical tips on how to transform your home with obvious changes in the weather, people will turn to spring cleaning and take our
A complete home remodel may not be possible, but the transformation that a good paint job can achieve is surprising.
In interior design, this new direction is more than just tying a can of Magnolia to the wall.
Dennis O'Conner and Catherine Crowe of Optimise Design have created some amazing effects with paint in their showroom designed for the upcoming RDS Spring ideal family court show.
"The unusual finishes inject a huge personality into the room," O'Connor said . ".
"In the family bathroom in the showroom, we painted stripes on the wall on the ceiling.
People don't usually know how to deal with the ceiling or how to deal with it, but we try to play with them.
"For this, o'conna and Croy also painted the children's room floor in different colors and stripes with hard paint --
Easy to wear-to-
Wash the paint from the Crown series.
"They launched a new palette at the show and they also have a series of cute templates.
We have a gentleman's room with stamp antlers on the wall. -
Humorous performance in the old trophy room-
Best of all, if you hate it, you can draw everything out! "The new-
Paint effect--
No crappy, thank you ~-
Can also bring exquisite to the room.
The showroom has rooms that include paint, walls, ceiling and skirting in all one color.
"It can make a small space look bigger," O'Connor said . ".
"We often use this technique in a very small bathroom under the stairs.
We have completely painted the cloakroom in the showroom in the wonderful burgundy color, where there is the height of Burgundy
From Sliderobes to the matching glossy wardrobe.
It has a real "wow" factor.
"Both o'conna and Croy are well-trained architects who provide
Using its complementary expertise in architecture and interior design, it provides deep consulting services for people's families. After a four-
For an hour of consultation, they presented a series of 3D drawings on how customers can change their living space.
Ideal Home showroom, a wood that proves the same combination of disciplines
Frame structure specially assembled for activities.
They add architectural style like a bridge that stretches between bedrooms
High Entrance Hall. A stand-
Separate partitions separate the living and dining spaces, but the tunnel fireplace on the wall also connects the two areas.
"This is a basic two.
Crowe said, "but the features of the building and the use of lighting, color, characteristic walls and finishes give it a personality.
O'Connor pointed out, like she and Crowe,
Think about their business, "homeowners must be creative too ".
"During the boom, people decorate to sell things," she said.
Now they stay where they are thinking about what design they want instead of doing it for potential buyers.
"The result is that the interior design is more simple and the use of colors is bolder.
The neutral color palette is designed to attract the public.
"Now people want to put their mark on their own homes," says Crowe . ".
"They want to do something special where they spend so much time.
"The simplicity of luxury, Tan and Bagels was replaced by bold statements such as her and O'Connor custom rugs for the Irish company carpet art chosen by the showroom.
O'Connor said: "This craft look has become important, and some people are starting to make their own curtains or re-use old furniture using what they already have.
It's about giving you a new life.
"Sonia Harris, PR for the ideal family court show, said the way the family and fireplace reflect the overall theme of the exhibition next month.
"We are on the theme of 'improve, don't move, '" she said . ".
"One of our main features, along with the showroom, will be the Dolores Free Consultation Center.
People are invited to bring a photo of the room they wish to get help with, and our experts may assess how they can revive the space.
"The spring Ideal Home Show will be held in RDS on April 16-18, 2010 --see www. idealhome.
For more information, see.
You can contact the optimization design on 01 2608788 or www. optimise-design.
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