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  -  room divider wall with door
Victoria in Wu La published: February 11, 2014 11:44 EDT | update: February 11, 2014 12:37 EDT conventional wooden door is 2013.
The best way to get in and out of the room these days is to tap your own flip-fold panel and magically reveal the entrance and exit.
The evolution of the door prototype by Austrian artist Klemens Torggler.
Every version of him
The so-called "flip panel" power system consists of squares and rods, strategically placed in a way that makes the door look like paper folded over itself.
The prototype Evolution gate was created by Austrian artist Klemens Torggler, as shown in the figure.
Every version of him
The so-called "flip panel doors" are made up of squares and rods that are positioned to make them look like paper folded over themselves. The door is open and closed, using a finger flick, and even a soft material can be used to make the design to avoid the hand being stuck by the connection.
Torggler started doing revolving doors in 1997.
Since then, he has developed five variants using different combinations of panels and rods, wheels on rails and triangles.
For example, his rod system connects two squares by a pole that overlaps the left side of the square when the door opens, and connects the right side of the square when the square is closed.
In the Epitrochoid Curve system, the square is connected by a wheel on a curved track.
When the door is moved to flip the square from the opening to the closed position, the wheel guides along the track.
Torggler also created a screen system that behaves in a similar way to his evolving door.
A solid unit with four squares connected to the center-
Two were fixed in front and two were fixed in the back.
After activation, the front panel flip to the left and the back panel extends to the right.
Three rectangles are formed side by side.
For example, this screen can be used as a partition for a room and is portable.
Similarly, 8 panel designs (
Above right)
There are four panels on both sides of the door.
After activation, each group of four panels is divided into two groups of connected squares, rotating inward through the bar.
These squares are connected by a stick, and when the door is closed, four sticks form a cross in the center of the door.
And the triangle system (
Below the right)
Where the square panels are divided into two triangles that fold inward when the door is opened and closed.
The weight of the point of the triangle adds enough weight to lock the door in place.
The Austrian name of the door is Dryehplattentur.
Torggler's system is a prototype and is not in general sales, however, a signed model can be selected through the art site Artelier contemorary.
They are all pole versions of doors made of wood and steel, including car photos, the "Don't Walk" logo in the United States, ink marks, and more.
Some designs were created to form a second image when turned off, with 15 to choose from.
Prices can be provided upon request.
Other prototypes were made using glass and steel.
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