room divider screen with a laser - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-01
room divider screen with a laser  -  room divider wall with door
Since moving into our new office last summer, we have been working on a project to decorate our new and larger space with cool things made by laser.
One of the challenges is the large and wide corridor in the center when you walk into the door.
We wanted to create a smaller entrance section for visitors with some armchairs inside, so I came up with an idea to make a room partition hanging on the ceiling.
It makes the living room feel smaller and more accommodating, but still allows the natural light of the large windows at both ends to pass through.
Measure your space.
Measure the floor to ceiling and the width you want.
Next, decide how you want your design to be laid out
All shapes of the same size, or a bunch of mixed.
In addition, it is convenient to know the standard size of the material.
I chose the wood in the 18 "x 24" size, so I used it as my main size.
From there I made 12 "x 24" versions and then 6 "x 6" versions.
When deciding on the layout, it does help to keep the size divisible by two or three.
Then I went to play with the layout in a design program (
I used CorelDraw)
Put pieces of different sizes together like a puzzle.
I also use this layout to determine where the holes of the connector are placed.
After determining the size and layout of the required parts, I started designing the panel itself.
I wanted to show a lot of light on the screen, so I chose Lacey to repeat a floral pattern with a 1 inch border on the outside of the design.
I have developed guidelines for connector hole placement so that I don't have to make a new panel for each piece, just adjust the hole to correspond to the correct panel before sending each hole to the laser.
Once you have finished your design, you can determine how much material you need.
I chose the pre-made 1/8 thick sheet of mahogany from Colorado pass heir, they make all kinds of interesting boards and products and work well on the laser.
Material: 18 "x 24" 12 pieces of mahogany 1/8 "thick (
Add a couple more tests and goofs! )
1 12 "x 24" Frosted transparent cast acrylic6 ceiling joint 50 brass hook, 1 1/4 "size laser cutting machine, suitable for 18" x 24 "wood.
We used a Trotec Speedy 400, 80 W machine.
It has a work area of 39 "x 24" so it is large enough to accommodate our wood.
The interesting part is coming now!
Launch your laser and it's time to cut!
As I mentioned earlier, I used a Trotec Speedy 400 80 W machine.
It's fast and big. this is what I need for this job.
It took me about 23 minutes to cut each big panel down.
Check the lens to make sure it is clean and check the filter on the exhaust system.
Both will affect the finished cut.
Once your material enters the machine, make sure you focus on the laser.
For mahogany, I use the following settings: 100% power supply ,.
Speed of 90, frequency of 2500, air assist of acrylic resin, I used the following settings: Power of 60% ,.
30 speed, 25000 frequency, air assist. Please note that each laser is different and you may need to play around in the settings to get a good cut with as little charring as possible
Also, remember not to leave it unattended while the laser is running!
Once the laser has finished processing each piece, take a damp cloth and clean up the soot marks around the cutting line.
This works well if you are using prefabricated wood, but it may not work very well if the wood is not finished.
Before taking it out of the laser bed, I found it easier to do so.
After all your panels are done, it's time to put everything together.
Spread the pieces on the floor to make sure everything is arranged neatly and fits the space.
Use the ceiling hook to place the ceiling, start at the top and work down.
I make sure there is a lot of space at the bottom between the lowest panel and the floor so the vacuum cleaner doesn't damage anything.
After the completion, stand back to appreciate.
The added benefit is that after you put it up for a few days, it will smell like a campfire!
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