river of dreams - sliding room dividers

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river of dreams  -  sliding room dividers
The design profile of this spectacular riverside home is designed to create the feeling of running away to the pier.
Designed by wrightfeldhusen's architect Rachel Feldhusen, the residence features a long central corridor "spine" with panoramic views of the boats moored on the river, perfectly capturing
There has been no progress in achieving this feeling, and owners sue and Mark newboulder say friends often refer to the home as a "Marina House ".
Designed to accommodate a steep sloping East Fremantle block, home-
Nominated for 2014 Australian Institute of Architects WA Architecture Award
There are rooms downstairs, main living area and outdoor space, living room/gym, dressing room, main suite and office on the street.
Interesting mix of materials throughout, including polished concrete bricks, black American walnut flooring, exposed steel beams and polished marmorino-concrete walls.
These form an organic, original palette
This is a perfect canvas for a large number of exotic treasures, collected from their lives and frequent travels in Vietnam. Custom plasma-
Cutting the rusty steel mesh creates a striking element throughout the home, both indoors and outdoors.
From the border walls to the room partitions, they are available everywhere to surround the outdoor shower in front and the locked bicycle storage room.
Designed by Feldhusen MS and cut at newbolds shipyard, the pattern is also fitted with custom wallpaper, marking the spine ceiling at home.
High-profile steeland-
The shipyard has also built a timber floating stair frame that further enhances the feeling of a relaxing dock for the family.
The kitchen is a master class of mixed materials with sealed concrete floors, marble splashes, wood finishes, black glossy cabinets and stainless steel
Steel, marble and black American walnut used as a countertop.
The same marble was used in two striking photos
Country Style storey gas fireplace-
Iron chandeliers and warehouses
The decorative wooden ceiling provides more surprises.
The dining area, like the two rooms, leads to a large private central courtyard with a Mongolian wall, although there is a large "dormitory" with sliding doors, there is enough bed for the five grandchildren of the News Group to sleep.
Their field also extends to the field of art.
Decorated with a spacious and comfortable orange modular sofa as a hero's work and carpet from Laos, Sri Lanka, Bali, India and a large number of cushions, turkish and local shops that add colors and textures.
The marble and marmorino bathrooms with this wing also take into account the design of the big family, with a double shower and a large bathtub, it is easy to accommodate everyone at the same time.
Mrs. Newbold described her decor as a compromise between Asian and tribal influences.
It is also contemporary, but also organic, she said, and she likes to blend works collected from around the world in unexpected ways.
Hotel, for example-
The style master suite, with a window overlooking the river, Mrs Newbold hangs a kimono on the bed, and its color acts as a springboard for the color palette of the room.
"I attended a wedding in Japan when I was 17," she said . "
An old blanket box made by her father when he was young was also sitting on a mass customized walk --
Dressed in robes, but with a new cowhide top, the old-fashioned British hat rack resides in luxurious marble-and-
Concrete suite.
The bathroom is also fitted with a pumice vanity, smoked-
Glass Pendant, double shower and bathroom with real indoor/outdoor feel.
Mrs. newboulder said that hatstand was originally intended as a temporary measure to check the toilet, but somehow it found its place in the modernization of the room.
Art is another important component, from traditional Vietnamese paintings and Singapore screens to the landscape paintings of the famous WA artist Larry Mitchell's abrolislands Island, hanging in the enviable work area of Mr Newbold overlooking the river.
"We spent a long time in the abrolislands islands and tried to recreate the relaxed feeling here.
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