return of the king: viswanathan anand - times of india - wooden partition wall

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return of the king: viswanathan anand - times of india  -  wooden partition wall
Vishy Anand's epic Sofia Tour and convincing internal stories of his opponents-all-
It is said that life is not long enough for it;
But it's life's fault, not chess.
Owen Chernev. . .
The great chess master Mikhail Tal died, and Vichy anander, who worshipped him as a child, heard his voice one day.
"What is it like above?
He asked Tal.
"What do you want to hear first, good news or bad news? " Tal asked.
"Tell me the good news first.
"Well, it's really heaven here.
There have been games all the time and I can take part in all the great matches of Steinitz, Azin, Lasker, Cabo anca, Fisher and all. " "Fantastic! " Anand said.
"What is the bad news?
"You met Blake on Tuesday against Toparov.
"If Vishy Anand heard the joke made by chess lovers earlier this month, he would have a good laugh.
But it won't be a downer.
Anand, who failed, had experienced it, but failed was not in his DNA.
This is the story of a man who occasionally loses a chess game, but he rarely, if any, loses his composure or gesture.
This is a story about mental strength and the depth of the brain.
This is a legend far beyond the board.
Vishy Anand is the winner on and off the board.
In chess, the player who does the first action with white has a small advantage.
But black can offset that and lead the game to a draw;
If White doesn't play perfectly, he will win sometimes.
However, in the world chess tournament, which started in April 24, Bulgarian viselin Toparov and visie Anand played 11 games, none of them won one
In that victory on Tuesday, May 11, Anand played against Toparov.
They scored five and a half points, each winning two games and scoring five points.
Another draw will make it 6-
6, resulting in tie-break.
Then, the champion race will be solved in a series of fast games, Anand, known as the lightning kid when he was young for speed of movement, was favored to win the game.
Not only did he get a career bonus in the classical chess game, but he also got a huge lead in the short pass.
But Topalov before his home game, we will get into other advantages later.
Although this is a relatively short World Championship
In the past, some games were endless and lasted for several months.
Both players were exhausted.
They played more games these days.
Toparov led a noisy building.
Until the end, include a small citation clause that prohibits direct conversation and offers a lottery --
A refusal to kind and talkative Anand.
So, every game has been going on for nearly three weeks --grinded on -
For more than four hours, in a solid, unsmiling, nervous.
This is a grim face. off.
Topalov is ranked higher than Anand, although the latter has the world championship, he is a strong opponent.
Both players are calling for a huge concentration of strength to reserve strength deep in the nerves
Humor is a very important thing.
But once the chess game starts, good chess players tend to forget the distractions and the pain very quickly.
The great master Siegbert Tarrasch is a professional doctor who once described his game like this: "My first toothache.
I had a headache for the second time.
The third is a rheumatism attack.
Fourth, I don't feel well.
What about game five?
Do you have to win every game?
Therefore, in spite of the difficulties, Anand dug deep and persisted.
As a complete player with a wonderful repertoire, when he actually forgets a series of moves, he shows his resilience by bouncing back from the shock failure of the first game.
Before the start of the tournament's turmoil, experienced a difficult road trip that would undermine the calm of most people, not to mention the chess players on the eve of the World Championship, he immediately won the second game, offsetting the loss of the first game.
Then he won fourth place before Topalav fought back.
They carry out silent mental blows like the same matched boxers.
When Topalov opened with White in 12 games, no one was surprised that Anand retreated in the Queen's game with what was called Lasker's defense, indicating that he was willing to accept the draw, and take part in his favorite blitz shoot --out.
But Topalov doesn't like fast games.
Therefore, choose to actively advance to the unknown and seek victory.
He is lost; Anand pounced.
Mobile 56, has passed
Toparov in red, arriveEar and crown
Fell, closed his eyes on the bridge of the nose with his fingers and thumb, resigned and gave Anand full marks and titles.
The audience stood up and cheered the king who kept the crown. Again. And again.
It looked so far away just a month ago.
A week after the game, I called at my home outside Madrid in Anand, after every world champion, after the rest of the news group left their Breaking News quotes, keep talking to him.
This gives him a chance to relax when the lights, cameras and tapes are turned off.
Anand's wife Aruna told me that he was massaging and could I call him in an hour?
"Master, how does a person massage his heart?
"I asked him when we picked up the line.
"Oh, we have a bunch of movies to watch," said Anand, a film lover, with a smile.
I recommend, add miss sunshine to the list and explain that this is a movie about family dysfunction on the road.
This reminds me of Anand and his team's journey to Sofia for the championship match against Toparov.
For me, in that epic road trip, and in the days before that, Anand's composure showed his spiritual perseverance, just like his game.
As we chatted, we found that there was now a series of films that replaced the Terminator series and became Anand's favorite.
It's JRR of Tolkien-
The Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson trilogy begins with Lord Of The Rings and ends with the return of the King.
I think how appropriate this is. The build-
It has been several months until the championship match with Topalov, although the exact date and conditions were determined a few weeks ago.
As the defending champion, Anand had to wait for Topalov to pass a group of challengers while he was trained in moderation (
It's always easier to be prepared for a particular opponent and know his style of play, not just like a tournament).
When Topalov passed last fall, Anand got his second-
His training partner for research and hard work-together.
They were the four people who helped him in his previous championship match with Russian fladimir kranik, each of whom was a master of their own.
They are a group of happy people, each with complementary advantages, providing support for Anand's own depth and talent.
Danish man Peter Heine Nielsen is a computer expert and his screen Anand joked that it looks like a dashboard for a pilot.
The Uzbek Rustom Kasimdzhanov, a maverick, is shining with an uplifting glow on his body.
Rod, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, is obsessed, single
Thoughtful researchers, a bug that can work endlessly for the sake of finding elusive winning routes;
Finally, and our own desi Surya Shekhar Ganguly, who has brought thoroughness to the preparation work.
They work very hard some days.
Ten to twelve hours at most in a few days.
There are fewer others, stopping to watch movies and going out for a walk while preparing for Topalov.
They wouldn't be so relaxed if they knew the ambush the Topalov team was preparing, despite a vague idea.
Peter browses various computer forums on the Internet and finds that the Bulgarian team is getting an unprecedented cluster of computers (
Allow the team and players to use the computer when preparing, but not in the actual game).
It is said to be a supercomputer loaded with some advanced versions of Rybka, which won the World Computer Chess tournament for three consecutive years.
The Bulgarian government itself was anxious to win the championship for them, and they played with Mora and the muscles.
When the Anand team finally discovered the nature of the beast, it hit them to the west of the kitchen.
It turns out that Topalov will use a Blue Gene/P supercomputer with 792 processors that will be able to reach the continuous speed of nearly 500 TeraFLOPS and be able to calculate millions of times per second.
It's so advanced that they don't even design software for it.
It can capture lines and combinations different from the past.
Organized by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and IBM of the US Department of Energy, this is the latest beast in the increasingly complex and computerized world of chess.
The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has run one in Sofia and it is said that the Bulgarian prime minister has intervened to ensure that one is also accessible to Toparov.
Silvio Danailov, manager of Topalov, will brag later: "We have invested a lot of money in the preparation work, and I don't want to mention this number because someone may have a heart attack . " Even if the losers smell Anand's chance to enter a unique human cluster (
More brief about which).
The Annan team may not be short of money-
This makes a difference in preparation.
But it's impossible for them to match such resources and firepower. holds-
State sponsorship is prohibited.
Later, India celebrated the title of Ananda with the usual brief hysteria, but did not notice the incident, let alone the challenge.
The best team Anand can do is to take advantage of the contacts who developed Hiarcs, a computer chess program that was second only to lebuka in the 2008 World Computer Chess Championship.
They have now improved its version, and the developers of the program have the Anand team have it and a powerful computer during the game.
"That helped -
This improvement is quite important.
At least we can check some of the more critical areas in a few hours, "Anand will say later.
When all of this happened in front of the machine, something very dramatic happened in the human field;
This will ultimately prove Anand's reputation as a man of pure character.
As any traveler in the Byzantine corridor will tell you, the world of chess is notoriously self-centered.
Chess players are often considered vain, selfish, narcissistic, and even return-to-heart.
So much that in a title conflict between Tigran Petrosian and Viktor Korchnoi in 1977, the organizers had to insert a wooden partition under the table to prevent them from kicking each other.
Why until 2009, when Toparov played Kramnik, the Bulgarian accused the Russians of cheating while resting in the bathroom.
This is a world of friendship and trust. this chessdom.
But Anand is different;
He doesn't like the heartfelt feeling that seems to be popular in chess.
Everyone called him Mr. good man.
The atmosphere of the 21 st century chess world is certainly different from the pathology before 1990.
Nevertheless, it is far from the great men, peers and peers who came to help him.
However, this is exactly what happened.
It all started in last December when an Indian journalist called Anand to ask about his preparations and wanted to know who his time was.
Anand said it was a secret, but only one name was given. Nielsen.
According to Anand, the reporter either heard it wrong or it was wrong and wrote that 19-year-old Magnus Carlson
The one-year-old Norwegian prodigy is currently number one in the world.
1. the defending champion will be assisted.
As a junior, Carlson helped Indians in the world championship fight between Mexico and Bonn, but Anand didn't expect him to come and help him this time, because the Norwegian has quickly risen to the top level in the world and become a potential opponent and challenger to the world chess champion in the future.
It turns out that Carlson got in touch with Anand in 2012 and agreed to be his sparring partner, although the international chess community is increasingly convinced that he will be a contender for the championship.
"So before he really agreed to help, Carlson was revealed," Anand recalls . " He later told chess magazine that his meeting with Norwegian geniuses was priceless.
Another prodigy who came to the tournament was Anish Giri, 16.
One-year-old Indian-Dutch champion
The same is true of Russia's Vladimir kranik, a great contemporary figure who won the World Championship in 2008.
How much has the chess world changed from Peter Rocia
The days of Korchnoi can be clearly seen from the dynamics of Carlson recalled by Anand.
The day before leaving after the training, Anand said that Carlson started to do a "very bad"Carlsen-
Like a speech, like "I had a great time and I really enjoyed working with you and I'm sure you'll have a good time and good luck and all the best ,"-
And then he's over, or can we skip that crap?
Anand joked: "I owe him a little money.
I think he should also train me if he is qualified for the next final.
But Carlson-
Compared with the next wealth, Gili's support is nothing.
No doubt, Gary Kasparov, all of them.
To give up the great era of chess for politics, through the intermediary contact.
To understand how important this expansion is, it is important to know that Kasparov's contempt for the rest of the chess world and his special attitude towards Anand.
In 1995, Anand won the World Championship on behalf of Kasparov.
At the top of the World Trade Center in New York.
After the humble Indian tied Federer Tiger Woods of that time to eight draws, he ambushed him to win the ninth game.
The crazy Russian giant then reassembled to crush Anand, then 25, a young man.
Since then, they have often met, and while Anand has fought under equal conditions and often benefited from him, Kasparov has regarded him as a "cafe player ".
But Anand is not the kind of person who makes this kind of thing chaotic.
In fact, when Kasparov reached out, his reaction showed that he was completely uncomplicated in character.
Anand immediately sent him some details of his plan to play against Topalov.
In the mysterious world of chess, the preparation of the stealth game is carefully protected, which is incredible, especially because of Kasparov's past treatment of Anand.
It turned out that Kasparov was not only helpful, but also inspiring, discussing positions and lines with Anand over Skype, and calling him at critical moments to make suggestions.
He even began to make love and jokes.
Most importantly, Kasparov will provide human insight that no computer can provide.
"Two years ago, if I was told I would exchange emojis with Garry over Skype, I would laugh," Anand said . ".
As a result, Anand managed to counter Toparov's computer cluster with a "human cluster" that only he could attract. But the best-
As the poet Burns observed, he made plans for mice and humans. aft-agley.
Humans and machines can overcome, but the temper of nature?
Before Anand, the biggest obstacle is around the corner.
A sudden event, described by someone as a premature eyjafjallajl 'kull.
Ash from the hard-to-pronounce peaks will close Europe and almost destroy the defending of Anand.
Living on the outskirts of Madrid
Because most of the big tournaments are held in Europe, it's easy to get around-
It will fly to Sofia, Bulgaria on Friday, April 16.
This will give him more than a week to get used to a city where he has played only a few times before.
But when Anand, Aruna and some team members arrived in Frankfurt on their way to Sofia on the 16 th, their ten o'clock A. M. flight was scrubbed because of ash.
Aruna, manager of Anand (
The joke of the chess Brotherhood is that when she realizes that the Queen is a unique person, she takes the job
Great Chess.
, Rebooked the flight for the evening and the flight was canceled the next morning.
But the airport itself was closed as much as most of Western Europe, giving up plans to drive to Vienna to use the last open airport.
Calls to Bulgarian organizers to postpone the conflict of ownership for a few days were rejected.
Both the opening ceremony and the right to television, all they can do is put it off for a day.
In desperation, the team found its own bag (
Check through Sophia)
At the chaotic airport, thousands of luggage piled up on high ceilings, thanks to Hans Walter Schmidt, a team member who once worked for Lufthansa Airlines.
No one knows when the airport will open again.
Anand's supporters, including Wolfgang Glenk, a leasing company tycoon in Baden, are a big chess sponsor who offers his private jet.
But German authorities have closed all their airspace, and even Chancellor Angela Merkel has to hit the road after being trapped.
The train is packed with people and there is no ticket for love and money.
Meanwhile, some other members of the team who contacted them in Frankfurt were trapped.
Rado, a Polish General Motors Company, has already started a train trip, which will take him nearly 20 hours to Frankfurt.
On Saturday, Aruna and Hans decided that the only way they could get to Sofia was by road --
Travel 000 km kilometers across six countries.
Except for two small questions.
Every taxi in Europe is taken.
Anand, Aruna and Surya Ganguly keep their Indian passports, they do not have a visa for Serbia and Serbia provides the shortest route.
It was a Saturday;
They can't get one by Monday.
This proves the calm temperament of Anand.
And the resourceful Aruna's wall around him.
He did not allow it to affect him.
By Saturday night, Hans had found VIP taxi service in Amstelveen, nearly 500 km from the hotel.
The company contacted their best two drivers and instructed them to rush to badsouden, spa town, outside Frankfurt, where Aruna and Ananda were trapped.
Meanwhile, the other trains arrived in Frankfurt for a few seconds.
Rado took only 20 hours by train. . .
As soon as he came in, we told him to be ready for the 40-year-old.
A one-hour road trip.
Finally, at eleven o'clock A. M. on Sunday, a Mercedes-Benz sprint coach was loaded with amenities such as a refrigerator and a TV screen, and most importantly a DVD player, arriving at the team hotel after driving 500 km kilometers from Amstelveen.
They set out within half an hour and prayed, hoping to travel to a country where they did not have a visa.
They drove all day and arrived in Budapest in the evening.
They did some work but it was hard.
The next morning, they set out for Romania and beat traffic jams and heavy rain as they would pass the country with their Indian passport without a visa.
By this time, Anand has decided that it makes no sense to emphasize in preparation.
He decided to drive his car for a short trip.
"We must remain calm and not linger in difficulties," he explained . " He revealed a temperament that helped him win many championships and tournaments.
As they drove through Romania on the road to recall India's potholes nightmare, the Lord of the Rings trilogy-the extended edition came out.
A few hours have passed, and in the evening they have reached the town of Calafat, which borders Bulgaria.
But the adventure is far from over.
First of all, there was no bridge at the crossing estuary and they had to wait for the ferry.
When they were finally in a 250 km-lap ride, Sophia, they drove the car to the side of the road and the Bulgarian police flew at three in the morning.
Fortunately, Bulgarian police recognized Anand and learned about his journey and let them move on.
By that time, the team was half successful.
Enter the last part of the "Ring" trilogy, subtitled "Return of the King" (
The first part, properly called the Fellowship of the Ring).
When they arrived at the Hilton at four o'clock A. M. , there was an hour left for the movie.
It is suggested that they continue driving around the block before the film ends.
But they checked in.
Then rushed into Anand's room to watch the movie.
The King should not be denied. then or later.
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