report: illinois gunman vowed to kill others if he was fired - partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-06-21
report: illinois gunman vowed to kill others if he was fired  -  partition wall
Gunmen killed five colleagues at a manufacturing plant in the Chicago suburb and wounded five police officers in a shootout.
On the morning of February, the prosecutor said in a report released on Monday that if he was fired, he would kill everyone there and "detonate the police ".
Henry Pratt.
The employee told the Aurora authorities that he knew that Gary Martin was carrying a gun in his car, but he did not report Martin's comments to his superiors because he often made statements "against the wall, he didn't believe Martin would do anything violent.
Report of the Kane County prosecutor's office.
The employee was not named in the report.
While there are plenty of reports that Martin was fired, the report marks the first time officials have explained that Martin was fired in February.
A disciplinary meeting because he refused to wear safety glasses.
He told his colleagues that he expected him to be fired
The worker that morning: "If I was fired, I would kill every mother--
The report said, "Well, here.
It also explained that Martin apparently brought guns and ammunition into the factory at 6: 45 a. m. when he arrived at the factory. m. that day.
It was reported that just before filming, Martin "went to his workstation to get things back", put on a hoodie and walked into the bathroom.
Martin then attended the meeting and Clayton parks, the company's human resources manager, told him that he was fired.
Martin responded profanity, and Josh Pinkard, the plant manager, said: "Well, it's over.
"Yes, it's over," Martin said . "
The people who were killed included Parkes and Pinkard.
The report also introduced the police response, first of all, to send the police to the scene at 1: 24m.
When they face Martin
Video surveillance footage showed Martin waiting for the police after killing his colleagues and "positioning himself at the door. " In a five-
Within minutes, five police officers were shot dead in the parking lot and in the building.
According to the report, Naperville police officer Sean Moy described that he carried a shield to search the building and attacked the bodies of two people on the second floor who he believed had died.
On the first floor of the warehouse, the officer heard the sound of the workshop and saw Martin "pop up quickly from behind some machines and point to him with a gun equipped with a green laser, it said.
Moy said he thought the gun was "directed at him directly" and he saw Martin firing at least four shots.
The official said he returned fire when other officials detonated flash bangs --
Noisy explosives designed to distract
This allows other officials to cover after a broken wall.
In later reports, Aurora police detective Chris Bosen said he saw Martin sitting in a room in the warehouse, in a chair, with a pistol in his right hand.
"It appears that the offender is waiting for the police to enter the area where the offender is located in order to ambush the police," it is reported . ".
The officer said he shot Martin in the chest and head twice.
The officer said he saw another officer shoot three times.
The report quoted an autopsy report saying that Martin was shot six times: one in the middle of his forehead, four in his chest, and one in his chin.
The report of the Kane County coroner concluded that the injury to his skull fracture may have been caused by himself. inflicted.
Martin fired dozens of shots.
Prosecutors wrote that Illinois police found 64 shells from the semi-finals on the spot.
Martin hand with automatic
The report did not indicate the exact time of the shooting, but the police were sent to the scene at 1: 24. m.
It was reported that about four minutes later, the first officers entered the building, and five officers suffered gunshot wounds inside and outside the building between 1: 30 and 1: 35.
The next time listed on the schedule is 2: 59. m.
The suspect fell down.
"The report concludes that it is reasonable for these officers to use lethal force.
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