removing kitchen cabinets - partition wall cost

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-14
removing kitchen cabinets  -  partition wall cost
After years of use, with the addition of cooking grease, your cabinet may not be in the best condition.
Old or messy cabinets will make your kitchen look bad, this is the time to install new cabinets.
The old cabinets need to be removed before this happens.
This can be done without much trouble, with the help of another person.
It's not that expensive to move the old cabinets yourself, so you can spend more on the new cabinets.
Here are some useful tips.
Turn off the water from the kitchen sink.
Disconnect the pipe and remove the kitchen sink to make sure there is no water in the drain.
Please keep the towels nearby if the water spills.
Unplug and disconnect any large devices that prevent movement.
Moving the stove or dishwasher with a trolley can help you avoid back injuries.
Clear from the top of the countertop.
Move all the small appliances to another room.
Remove any drawers in the cabinet and remove the cabinet door from the top and bottom cabinets.
This will make the counter removedtop easier.
Take off the water flowers in the back.
The back splash usually runs on the back of the sink and the length of the kitchen counter.
Some of the back splashes are sewn in, and if so, break the seal with a tool knife.
Carefully pry the splash from the wall at the back as the paint or wallpaper can be messed up.
Pull the counter uptop.
Remove the screws that fix the counter
Top of cabinet.
To do this, you may need to get up from under the cabinet.
Once all the screws are removed, put them in a Ziploc bag.
Pull the counter now-
Turn off the power and make sure it's out of the way.
Remove the base cabinet.
Basic cabinets should be removed first so there is working space when removing top cabinets.
Unscrew all screws that hold the cabinets to the walls, floors, or other cabinets.
You may also need to remove the substrate.
Once done, take the cabinets below out of the kitchen.
Get help removing the top cabinet.
When you remove all the screws, you need someone to lift the cabinet up.
Don't try to pull the cabinet down by swinging, as you may damage the partition wall.
If the cabinet is not easy to fall off the wall, look for any screws that may be lost and remove them.
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