remaking the scene - living room partition wall

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remaking the scene  -  living room partition wall
31, Allen B Manhattan apartment
The founder of the ABS clothing collection, Schwartz, is a man of light and modern flavor: painted white walls, expensive leather sofas, some confident black slashes.
So it is understandable that, in the face of his former apartment, he will react between laughter and moaning. “Oh, God,” Mr.
Schwartz said watching old family photos of those Stadium seats showing carpets, huge TV screens, neon strips on the wall of the living room made it a party room when the switch flipped.
"The big screen has just come in and there is a family room," he explained . ".
"The whole focus is on some of the bleachers.
People will come and you will rent a movie
Renting a movie is cool in 1979.
I have always been a very fashionable person.
I just think it's cool.
How about this young gentleman?
The 34-year-old schwtz, wearing a cardigan and white trousers, was lying in an armchair, and his friend was sitting in the bleachers with a leg tilted.
Thirty years later, like Frank Sinatra, he was the main character of the scene, in a picture of the rat bag that dominated the living room.
You looked sailing there and he was teased.
"Every day is a new day for me," he replied . ".
"I can sail. I can ride a bike.
I will never get used to it.
"How will he describe his costume today, a pinstriped vest, in nylon T-Shirts and jeans?
The ad "if I were a girl you would call it Graham rock ".
Schwartz says he's on a list that includes Mark Jacobs and H & M, close contact with the family of a rag trade professional, one of Ralph Lauren's
He stands out 1 feet, a change in Brooklyn's past ritual, flashing on your cuffs, showing classic motorcycle boots with checked fabric. Zowie! “Yeah,” Mr. Schwartz says.
"I thought you would like it.
"Master of the trend "--
This is the title of Sir.
Schwartz's clothes were sold in stores in Saks and Bloomingdale and he gave them to himself.
On the Seventh Avenue, he is known for not repenting and high-end knocking.
He may see a $12,000 pearl dress at the Oscars and sell it for $200 in two months.
He is also a primo New Yorker, even if his main residence has been in Los Angeles for the past 30 years, a person who talks about "picking up three films" before spending a quiet night at home, in the past days, who had friends, their names were like mice and the horn he "knew from around.
"Of course, he may have spent the last few years of high school in Long Beach, N. Y.
His mother runs a large clothing store there.
His father is a clothing salesman.
But in terms of biographies, he is more willing to stick to his innate spiritual rights, which is that most of his childhood was in Brooklyn.
His idol is Tony Curtis.
A black and white photo of a young gentleman
Curtis sits on Rolls Royce's Fender
The owner of the restaurant is Royce.
"To me, Joyce, Tony Curtis
From the way his collar stood up, to his hair, to every dress he wore, and how he looked --
He's my James Bond.
As an Ace salesman, Schwartz only needs to hear your name once to stick it firmly to his brain like Ralph's initials on his jeans.
"I think the word will be sharp --
"Man, this is sharp.
It's cool, trendy and is happening.
That's how he is.
He invented the word "cool.
"The new year is often the time to reflect on the past and the days ahead.
When you sit with friends, you may even be tempted to take out some old photos.
But, looking back on how our lives have changed, how often do we think about our home, being stylishly decorated like ourselves? For Mr.
Schwartz, as up-to-
Although he may be a date, this meditation can easily happen.
He has owned the apartment for 37 years and it reflects the changing trend of clothes he has made.
In 1972, he found this 1,200 square foot place on East 52 Street near the river.
The first thing that caught his attention was 16-
The foot ceiling is then separated by a wall from the dining area.
"It's so sexy, it's so tempting, I don't even care what the bedroom looks like," he said . ".
He advertised the rent when he moved in.
Schwartz recalled that it was about $450.
He was decorated with crushed velvet sofas, mirrors, and shag carpets, and did not know that they would become the visual impact of an era in a few years.
In his 70 s, although he was still renting a house, he hired an architect to decorate it. He was a work-hard, play-
As a partner in apparel brand Esprit de Corp, a rising young man, has an apartment and boat in Florida and a place in the Hamptons. During the six-
He lived in the square for a month.
He gave his architect Peter Wilson a very specific instruction: wherever he was in the apartment, he had to have easy access to the TV.
Although he didn't watch TV every moment at home, it was always on like background music.
"I like to watch TV for dinner . "
Schwartz said in 1979.
"I can only sleep on TV. when I invite people to come over, I watch TV.
I found TV to be the most relaxing thing I know. ”Mr.
Wilson created an open living area, removed the wall between the living room and the dining area, and replaced it with a short tile partition.
A great era of television
70 by 52 inch, it was a rare and extravagant thing in those days --
Mounted on a rotating base above the black marble fireplace in the living room so that it can be seen from that room or table.
The tile border of the partition extends to the kitchen, pulling all three rooms together.
There is also a much smaller TV on the rotating base of the bedroom
According to the photos at the time, a huge mirror hangs on the bed. Does Mr.
Does Schwartz remember that mirror? “Absolutely —
It is oblique . "
Mr. Schwartz estimated that he spent between $10,000 and $15,000.
"Hey, I told you it's a menstrual period.
This is the continuation of neon lights.
"How does it work?
"I have no complaints.
"About when the renovation was done, sir.
Schwartz got married.
About a year and a half.
He moved to Los Angeles in 1979 but lives in an apartment in New York.
He founded ABS in 1982 and remarried two years later.
He had two children with his second wife Pamela, 24-year-old Danielle and 15-year-old John.
Meanwhile, the apartment he bought as a partner
In early 1980, the Op paid $350,000 to $400,000 he recalled, and was affected by the design changes that were not concentrated.
A few years later, the seat of the stadium was replaced by an emerald leather sofa and chair.
Over the years, he also destroyed the clean, ready-made apartmentfor-its-close-up lines.
This often happens when designers and photo designers leave, replaced by life and Chinese filming
But in this case, it's more than just some side tables or lights that don't match.
Replacing simple curtains with lavender and green balloons --valance shades;
A fixed bicycle lives in the living room (
A definite indicator, which is mainly a place for men);
The empty walls are covered by art.
Schwartz doesn't even remember.
Five years ago, he walked into the door and said to himself, "it's all over.
He brought in a Manhattan decorator, Lorna Landman.
Advertising evaluation of his apartment? “Hideous.
Please explain in detail.
"It was in her 1970 s," she said . ".
"It's really out of date and it's a mess.
It has the color of turquoise Fe, like turquoise, peach and black.
He has a dark gray Fumika kitchen counter surrounded by Peach and dark tiles --
Shades of gray and black.
The water pipe in the kitchen just came out.
Fortunately for her
Schwartz was able to say what he wanted.
"I told her I wanted it to be thin and mean, narrow and deep, but warm and comfortable and I will help you," he said . "Schwartz.
"I said I didn't want to cut corners and $10,000 wouldn't change my life, but I didn't want anyone to be reckless.
I don't want to invest millions of dollars. ” Mr.
The initial budget for Schwartz was $200,000, but he said the project reached about $400,000.
Only a few items were saved in the old apartment, such as two large ceramic cats next to the fireplace.
"They are his . "
Mr. Landman said he had left it there diplomatically.
The tile partition between the living room and the dining area is replaced by glass.
The large arches on both sides of the fireplace are filled and plastered, the walls are painted white and then covered with six layers of paint. The 87-
Inch TV screen is a small 50-inch Fujitsu.
Tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are replaced by marble;
The exposed kitchen pipes are hidden;
The banquet in the kitchen was replaced by a good meal. in counter.
The new furniture is smooth, white leather or glass for $9,500 and is a Bruton sofa.
Glass dining table, dining chair and armchair from m2 l. The white-with-black-
Accent theme echoed in black and white movie footage around the house
Among them is that, after Pacino controls the situation, video shrink scientists may be interested in knowing about Pacino in The Godfather.
The charm of the film seems to be an important part of his life.
Some people told Schwartz
"I like movies," he said . "
He nodded in the direction of the Tony Curtis photo and returned to his subject.
"He thinks this minute is trendy today and it happens to anything in fashion.
Little Beatles boots, socks, straight leg pants, white shirt, hair do.
These things are modern.
"Any other reason for using black and white?
"As a designer, you can do anything in black and white," he said . ".
"Put a small green vase, some orchids, a beautiful bush --
Everything is black and white.
I like the light and the air.
"He sat in the white living room, holding pictures of his children, talking about the young man he used --
People who can't say no to the party
And the stability he is now with his family.
Does he still like to watch TV? Sure, he says —
"The company will not ask you questions.
"He also likes to have this apartment for most of his life.
"This is not my second home. it is my home away from home . "Schwartz says.
"I 've been in this neighborhood for 38 years, and it's amazing that the dry cleaners are still there, the French restaurants are still there, the river house where Kissinger lives, and Kissinger is still there.
It's a real community and it's comforting when you're walking back and forth.
"If his apartment is a scene of extreme design and some of it looks ridiculous right now, that's right. K. .
"This is a symbol of everything I started and where I am today . "Schwartz says. “The face-
I think some elevators are almost stupid.
I looked at the picture. "That's me, but what am I thinking?
That room doesn't even function unless you can watch the TV show, I'm building the bleachers and I must have been crazy.
But I don't. I'm on a trend. One trend is one-off.
Not every trend works.
They come and go.
That's useless.
"This is the first of a series of articles that occasionally appear in the past.
A version of this article appears on the D1 page of The New York edition with the title: Remake the scene.
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