rather's journal: going positive - build a room divider wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-05
rather\'s journal: going positive  -  build a room divider wall
CBS News anchor Dan Rather provides personal insights and observations from the conference. Boston -
Day three Democratic Convention
In July 28, 2004, the Democratic convention may have finally moved from dulsville to something more interesting.
There is news that "Barack"-or Barack --
"Lightning" in Hebrew and "blessing" in Swahili ".
Whether it's true or not, on Tuesday night, Democrats received lightning blessings from Barack Obama, who was warmly welcomed as one of the most effective general assembly spokesmen ---
Of any party. -in years.
Senate candidate Barack Obama's keynote speech is powerful in many ways, but not more powerful than he said "there is no free America and a conservative America ---
And the United States, "a line that aims to beat the heart of independent and swing voters in key states.
It is clear today that Barack's speech is just a prelude to the real Symphony theme of Democrats: We will unite the United States, or as John Edwards told the delegates tonight, we can build an America.
"Of course, this is an implicit invitation to voters to conclude that President Bush has not fulfilled his promise to become" a united person, not a divided person ".
All the red-state/blue-
The conversation you hear from the experts, it seems like a wise move.
But the fact remains that the United States was almost evenly divided in 2000, and it seems to be again at this critical moment, and it is conceivable that 2008 will be again. Who knows?
What we know is that in this polarized climate, those voters who are independent and volatile ---
Especially women. -
Become more important.
With their arrival, elections are also likely to take place.
Popular news: Google Cloud service breaks missing connadik's mother, Virginia Beach shooting protesters, interrupts Harris, who only mentioned Ray Charles's "Beautiful America" to Pastor Al Sharpton (
It should be remembered that Charles sang the song at 1984 Republican Convention)
John melencamp and Blake perform on WednesdayEyed Peas . . .
Is it not clear that everyone here is willing to go to the concert?
With that in mind, let's remember that tonight is the night when the convention finally starts playing something other than the wedding reception music that I don't think is very good and the moldy songs in my 60 s.
In recent years, political rhetoric has shown a trend of not using rhetoric.
Information is not a metaphor or decoration, but is expressed naked as information.
Someone goes back to President Bush's "message: I care" and can hear more evidence about this trend tonight when John Edwards talks about "the last few months, john has been talking about his positive and optimistic view of the country.
"Whether this trend means that the intentional decline or collapse of American speech writing talents is not yet certain, but we promise to find out the truth in the end.
John Edwards's self
Conscious and frequent
In the primary election, he refused the negative election many times, which may make him the second place on the ticket. . . and holding --
Most of the time--
This style led him to break the informal tradition of the vice president's General Assembly speech.
Presidential candidates on either side: they are mainly led by Red-
In the hall and in the party's base, the parties appealed to the delegates.
We have to wait and see how Edwards's decision to join his chapter in this history ultimately serves his candidate or does not serve his candidate,, this also raises the question of whether we will see Vice President Cheney take the same action when Republicans meet in New York.
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