ralph rugoff: 'tate modern is like the bluewater shopping centre' - temporary wall

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ralph rugoff: \'tate modern is like the bluewater shopping centre\'  -  temporary wall
"A lot of work in the history museum is dead," 56-year-
The old museum curator Ralph rugov slapped the table in front of him with one hand.
"Too much academic work makes little sense to our culture.
It's like showing a rotten body on the wall.
Fortunately, the gentle voice of the slender American masks some provocative ideas, and the institution he oversees is not dedicated to old masters, but contemporary art: the Hayward Gallery in London.
Since his appointment in 2006 as director of the brutal concrete building on the South Bank, Rugoff has organized a unique exhibition project that introduces contemporary art to thousands of viewers.
And a successful personal performance for famous British artists such as Anthony golmley, Tracey Emin, Jeremy daler, who is currently representing his country at the Venice Biennale, david he has been nominated for this year's Turner Award at the recent Hayward exhibition, and Rugoff is known for holding "experiential" group exhibitions that invite visitors to their level of activity.
The first of these is the 08-year psychological architecture, which artists are entrusted to create a series of unforgettable non-psychological buildings. the-
The temporary structure of the wall that visitors can pass through, and if it is a temporary boating lake installed on the gallery sculpture terrace, you can pass through and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Thames.
The most recent exhibition in this area is the lighting exhibition, which displays 25 installations and sculptures created by artists engaged in lighting work.
By the end of April, it had attracted 180,000 viewers, three and a half times what the gallery had predicted.
Lugoff's next exhibition, The Alternative Guide to the universe, opened later this month in Hayward, dedicated to a diverse group of eccentric creative figures.
Alternative Guide to the universe, Hayward Gallery, review Jeremy daler, British pavilion Anthony Carlo/Mark Quinn light show Venice Biennale 2013: National Pavilion
"My job is to bring something that is not widely seen in London," Rugoff said . ".
"I feel proud whenever someone says we're doing something different.
Art is about forgetting your habitual reactions so that your imagination can get rid of the shackles, wander around and explore.
"If Rugoff has a philosophy as a director, it is to encourage his visitors as much as possible to respond with imagination.
"Artist Marcel Duchamp says half the meaning of any work of art is created by the audience," he said . ".
"Taking this seriously is a starting point for me.
Last year, he even staged an "invisible" art show, including an empty base that was once occupied by Andy Warhol in a New York nightclub.
He said with a smile: "This is the ultimate audience to participate in the show, because you have to use your imagination to really participate in the work.
"While the show was not successful in terms of numbers-in the two months it opened, less than 14,000 people saw it-a sign of the way lugff tried to distinguish Hayward in London's crowded gallery landscape.
How can he compete with Tate Modern? breaking 5.
3 million tourists last year?
"Tate Modern is like a blue water mall," he said with a smile . ".
"It's huge: they have a huge collection, multi-storey buildings and turbine halls.
Hayward offers something different: you go to the gallery right away and there is a strong and concentrated experience there.
Sometimes, when I was at Tate Modern, I felt like I was moving from one more or less the same neutral room to another.
No one can accuse Hayward of being a "neutral" actor in the gallery"
Since opening to the public in 1968, the blank walls of concrete sidewalks, ramps and overbearing roads have received considerable criticism.
Architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner compared the building to the fantasy prison imagined by pilanesi.
Rugoff said: "I admit that the two facades of the building are a bit simple.
It also has an entrance facing the back of another building.
But it's really different and that's why I like to work with it.
Inside the building, you often see the pillars and beams that support the building, so this is a structure that makes you aware of the space.
That's why, for me, it's a great place to do programs related to space-like mental architecture.
Lugov was born in New York City, his father was a film publisher and his mother was a psychoanalyst. he studied at Brown University, where he studied symbols rather than art history.
He said: "Because I have read all the theories of French philosophers like Jill delez, my artist friends think I can write art works, so I started writing as a critic.
As a freelance curator, he successfully served as director of the Wattis Institute of Contemporary Art in San Francisco and then finished his work at Hayward.
His budget has been significantly reduced since he accepted the job.
"When I got here, I was looking at the scheduled exhibition that cost up to £ 1 million," he said . ".
"Now my budget is about 40 of Hayward's peak budget.
"So, how does he feel about the financial success of commercial galleries such as London Gagosian and White Cube?
"This is a very dangerous situation," he said . "
"You have these super
Luxury commercial space under construction such as White Cube Bermondsey.
It feels like all the art activities are directed to a percentage point, and at the same time the budget for the public museum has been cut.
"But, for example, the Fritz art fair in London has not been successful, and it is almost entirely geared towards a penny that can afford the price, in turn, to bring a wider audience to contemporary art, is this good for Hayward?
"It would be great if Frieze was the only art fair in the world," Rugoff said . ".
"But now there is an art fair every two weeks around the world.
The art fair is the worst environment to show art.
You can't really see anything-it's just a messy supermarket. ” He pauses.
"But I don't want to sound negative because most of the thoughts that occupy me during the day are positive.
Take part in our next exhibition, The Alternative Guide to the universe-I'm more excited than any other exhibition I planned.
It will include visionary inventors, marginal physicists, external engineers, unlicensed architects, and people who create time machines.
It is exciting to have more imagination than ordinary people.
Did he ever think about life after Hayward?
"I like to do exhibitions, so it's hard to give up that kind of fun," he said.
He smiled and looked out of the glass.
Ten years ago the wall Waterloo Sunset Pavilion, designed by American artist Dan Graham, where we spent an hour talking.
"I don't think my thoughts have been used up yet.
"Alternative Guide to the universe" opens at SE1 Hayward Gallery in London (www. South Bank Centerco. uk)
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