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rajesh talwar:  aarushi verdict: court lists circumstances that point to talwars\' guilt | delhi news - times of india  -  wooden partition wall
On the basis of oral and written evidence provided by the prosecution, the court stated that only the accused was responsible for the murder, a conclusion that was "irresistible and impeccable ".
It sets out the circumstances that point to the defendant's presumption of guilt.
On the evening of May 15/16, 2008, the two defendants appeared last time with the two dead in the first place. L-
32 years old, about 9 years old.
On the afternoon of the 30 th, Dr. Rajesh Talwar's driver Umesh Sharma.
At about six o'clock A. M. on May 16, Ms. tusushi was murdered in her bedroom adjacent to the defendant's bedroom, with only one partition wall between the two bedrooms.
On May 17, Hemraj's body lay in a pool of blood on the terrace of the apartment and found the door of the terrace locked inside.
From the last time the defendant and the deceased lived together to the time when the deceased was murdered on the middle night of 15/16, 2008.
The gap is so small that it is possible for anyone else (s)
Except that it is impossible for the accused to support the crime.
Bathroom Ushi bedroom with door with auto click-shut lock.
Kumar Mishra, SP (City)
Noida said Dr. Talwar told him on the morning of May 16 that he was sleeping with his key at 11.
The night before, at 30, the door of the bedroom was locked from the outside.
The defendant admitted that the door could be opened with a key outside or without an internal key.
How did the door open?
The defendant did not explain.
The internet was active on the night of murder, indicating that at least one accused was awake.
There is nothing to prove the outsider (s)
Came home after 9 that night. 30. pm.
Power supply was not interrupted that night.
That night, no one was wandering around the apartment in suspicious circumstances.
There was no evidence that any outsiders had forcibly entered the apartment that night.
There is no evidence of being a maid on the morning of May 16 in flat theft (Bharti Mandal)
Come to the unit to clean up.
Nupur Talwar deliberately stated that the door might have been locked by Hemraj from the outside, although it was not locked or locked from the outside.
Bati said both defendants were crying when she came in.
It is clear from Bharti's testimony that when she arrived at the apartment and spoke to Nupur, she did not complain that her daughter had been murdered, but deliberately told her that Hemraj had locked the wooden door from outside, may go to the mother of the dairy farm to get milk.
No blood was found on the clothes of the two defendants.
It is very unnatural that the parents of the deceased mouushi did not catch her body or hug her.
No outsider dares to take Hemraj to the severely injured terrace and then look for a lock on the patio door.
It is impossible for outsiders (s)
After the murder, knowing that their parents were in a nearby room, they would have the courage to drink Scotch.
The first priority is to run away.
No outsider is willing to bring the body of Hemaraj to the terrace.
Anyway, one person can't take the body to the terrace.
The door to the terrace has never been locked, but was found locked on the morning of May 16.
Despite being asked, the defendant did not hand over the key to the lock to the police.
The defendant said about 8-
Ten days before the murder, some painting work had begun in complex settings, and workers used to take water from water tanks on the terrace.
So Hemraj began to lock it up and put the key on himself.
If so, it's not easy for an outsider to find the key.
If an outsider(s)
I did commit a crime and walked out of the apartment and must have found out from the outside that the outermost grid door or the grid door in the middle was locked.
The motive of crime was established.
Outsiders can't dress up the crime scene after the crime.
The No. 5 golf club was thrown into the attic after the crime, and Dr. Talwar made the same club a few months later.
The pattern of head and neck injuries of the two defendants is almost similar in nature and may have been caused by the golf club and the scalpel, and Dr. Talwar is Noida, a member of the golf club, respectively, the golf club was made by him before the CBI.
The dentist used a scalpel, and both defendants were dentists.
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