pvc room divider (cheap and easy!) - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-31
pvc room divider (cheap and easy!)  -  room divider wall with door
Make your own room partition with little expense and energy.
It can be easily customized according to the size and color/fabric you need.
I finished my work in about two hours, but the most time I spent was ironing the material I used to cover the frame.
Hope yours is as simple as mine!
Find out how wide the partition you want is.
The space I need to fill is unusual and higher than the wide one.
My size is 6' high, only 5' wide.
This design is especially useful for small spaces because you don't need to bend multiple panels to stay upright.
I used it to divide a small living room into two parts.
PVC pipe length is 10 '.
For this project, you need a pipe that is strong enough to support the fabric.
In addition, the website recommended 1.
It seems to be the most stable, so I used it.
Too cheap!
I bought three tubes so I could cut the length of four 1 from one tube and leave a 6 tube.
I need another upright 6' block and a 5' block on the top, which makes up for my length.
I ended up with a piece of 5' and 4' left, but your size could be wasted less.
Because I was poor and cheap, I chose white linen.
I bought nearly 9 yards for only $16 and was happy to see it folded in half so I had enough time to cover the 2/3 frame with a long panel, and repeat the panel on the other side so that the middle overlaps.
This works for me, but other sites recommend using thicker fabrics (more expensive)
Use only one large piece you sew (yuck! )
To fit the frame.
More on this step. . .
I cut the pipe with a circular saw. I had two-
Double sided carpet tape on hand perfectly connects the fabric to the frame.
To purchase, the PVC frame requires a long part of the width and length dimensions, plus a 4 feet pipe for the voltage divider foot.
You need two more 90-degree elbows (all1. 5")
Two connectors T (see photo. )
Finally get 4 1.
5 "PVC cap at the end of the partition foot.
Cut four 1' length pipes from any pipe that can be used to eliminate excess waste.
Plug these parts onto T to make the foot.
Measure and cut two pipes to the appropriate height, one pipe to the appropriate length of the project (
All you need is a pipe at the top, not the pipe at the bottom).
If the measurement needs to be very specific, you may want to connect the foot and consider the 90-
Degree connector when measuring.
Once cut, assemble these parts with enough space.
In my case, I also had to iron the white linen I bought and figure out how I would apply it to the frame.
I'm sure you're a better surveyor, tailor and designer though, so this part will be cake.
To avoid sewing, I remember I had two
There is double sided carpet tape on hand, which works well for the casual nature of my project.
I laid a full length fabric on the frame and attached one side with tape (see photo).
To prevent this piece from sliding, I stuck the second piece to the other side of the frame before putting it on the other side of the frame.
Once the second piece is laid out, I stick the piece hanging on "loo" in the middle of the project with tape.
The bottom was worn out so I hid them underneath and stuck them together as well.
Seriously, it's so simple and versatile.
To increase the effect, you can expose and paint PVC pipes.
Use any fabric you like to enrich your space.
Let me know how you did it!
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