police use fake wall to catch pro-trump graffiti artist in new york subway - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-24
police use fake wall to catch pro-trump graffiti artist in new york subway  -  temporary wall
New York City police said they built a fake wall at the Brooklyn metro station last week to catch a vandal who kept writing "loft brothers" throughout the station.
New York police chief of transport Edward deltoller said that last Tuesday, police erected a wall with plywood and built a wooden shell similar to the typical subway building area.
He said the police hid behind the wall and waited until the suspect was identified as 43. year-
Old Jamie montemalano appeared.
When he did, they jumped out of behind him and arrested him.
Delatorre said the police came up with the idea after months of complaints from passengers.
He said the subway staff cleared the graffiti after every complaint, but it came back like a clock.
"On January 9, they received their first complaint about graffiti on the mezzanine beam of the Court Street station," Delatorre said . ".
"They got a lot of complaints about graffiti from passengers and transport workers.
Delatorre explained the sting at a City Council hearing on Tuesday, while answering questions about how community coordination officials helped protect the subway.
"Officials familiar with the station asked them if they could build a temporary wall, a fence, a small room, so officials could operate at that end of the station where the beam is located, "he said.
"On March 15, the police entered for the first time.
The beam was cleared.
On March 15, they went in for a plainclothes operation. sure enough, our people came back.
The suspect, Montemarano, was charged with mischief and graffiti.
It is not clear whether he has obtained a lawyer.
Mark Crudele of ABC News contributed to the report.
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