police beefs up security in delhi | delhi news - times of india - temporary partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-30
police beefs up security in delhi | delhi news - times of india  -  temporary partition
New Delhi: this is a celebration again and again.
The festive atmosphere is high.
Although the days ahead will be full of action, the police are still doing their best to ensure a peaceful celebration.
After the celebrations of Ramzan and Ramlila coincide, Delhi police issued an alert and made special security arrangements in places of worship, especially in the walled city area.
In addition to increasing the police force on the road, patrols here have also been strengthened.
Even the Reserve Camp was alerted.
Joint Commissioner of Police (northern range)
Deep Chand said: "It is a challenge to deal with both festivals at the same time and to have the community watch their religious function with enthusiasm.
Chand added that in order to achieve complex targets in the walled city area, the police had a dialogue with local religious leaders and managed to convince the two communities that agreed to restrict themselves from entering the restricted area.
While Muslims agreed to stand on the north side of dayaogi, those who took part in the Mahla parade used the South Lane of the new dayaogi Road.
"To avoid mischief, we have erected a temporary partition on the side of the road.
The zoning is as high as 10 feet, providing privacy to admirers in both communities, "Chand added.
Police also installed CCTV cameras in the quarantine area to monitor the movement of the crowd.
In southern Delhi, in temples like Chattarpur and Isckon, PCRs are instructed to be extra vigilant.
In the event of an accident, the commandos have received an alarm.
A police officer from the intelligence service said they were well prepared under the current circumstances.
But he added: "People should not speak about rumors that can incite public sentiment.
Police confirmed that the deployment has been strengthened to ensure security and the troops are on high alert.
They did not disclose specific targets, but sensitive areas and places of worship have been identified.
They listed about 180 institutions as "sensitive ".
An official in the northeast said: "We have stepped up our patrols and strengthened the pickets.
We are speaking to the public to ensure the norm.
Political leaders assure us of harmony.
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