photographer jill greenberg's hollywood hills escape - movable walls

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photographer jill greenberg\'s hollywood hills escape  -  movable walls
Jill Greenberg's Hollywood escapeinteractivoctober, a total of 2011 Jill Greenberg is a famous photo that you may have seen recently.
"Glass Ceiling: American Girl doll" shows the body of a female swimmer --
Shooting underwater in high heels
On the Billboard above Sunset Avenue on ferfax Avenue.
Expansive and smooth shape, clear color palette, shadow and light game
These qualities apply not only to the work of the photographer, but also to her newly renovated house, one she
True visual art should coexist with her young family.
Photographer Jill Greenberg's Hollywood Hills West house is a modern snapshot.
Currently, this panorama requires playback from Adobe Flash.
Designer Beth Holden and Greenberg, husband Rob Green, 7-year-
Five-year-old daughter Violetyear-
The old son was in a mess.
But with distressed diamonds
Concrete floors and walls interrupted by Greenberg's portrait
Her controversial series of doomsday, along with some disturbing human portraits --like monkeys —
The house feels like an art gallery.
It's modern and original, with slabs-
Refer to the blue and icy gray walls of the Greenberg photography palette, plus a layer of glitter and a slightly surreal quality familiar to Greenberg fans.
It is appropriate that the House itself will be on display later this month, one of the four stops of the American Institute of Architects's fall trip to Los Angeles.
Transformation from 1940and-
As Greenberg and Holden describe, Starko's "bastadiz Ranch" begins with a simple desire for a curved modern resort.
Greenberg bought a pair in 2001-bedroom, 3,000-square-
The foot house in Shanxi, Hollywood, is called the Bluebird Canyon.
Four years later, Greenberg married green and had a second child. they decided to have another bedroom.
"We think we can build a master bedroom on top of one bedroom --
"Story Ranch," Greenberg said.
"Then we say, 'If we're already building, let's double our footprint with the entire second story.
From there, we say, since we did, why don't we change the outside?
The couple met Holton, head of the company's new theme in Los Angeles, and they started their five-year-old life.
The one-year process of creating a fully modern home and office, the sustainable attributes reduce the growing size of this home and office.
The designer adds a wing to Greenberg's studio and family/guest room that will once be L-
Turn the house into a U-shaped house with a small lawn and pool in the center.
The new second floor consists of three bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a laundry room and a green home office, which operates Another Green World work, with a total area of nearly 6,200 square feet. A third level —
Outdoor rooftop lounge, garden and children's play area covering artificial lawns-
Add 1,200 square feet.
The building was already above the city's floors. area-
Ratio or far code, but Holden successfully obtained the difference by proving that the new scheme conforms to the size and scale of the adjacent property and incorporating sustainable elements through the display design, including solar panels as roof umbrellas.
Because homeowners want LEED certification, United States of AmericaS.
Green Building Board Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design designation, they chose cabinets made of walnut certified by Forest Management Board
Radiation heating under cotton insulation, concrete floor, embedded LED lighting and gray-
Water system for irrigation landscape.
Holden pushed back the second footprint.
Floor room, providing them with a spacious plumbing wood deck as a living space while creating a large roof for the passive cooling interior.
Fleewood gate made of energyefficient dual-
Glazed glass as a movable wall leads the first floor to the lawn and the second floor to the surround deck.
According to Krista Kline, former team leader, the project drew the attention of Mayor Antonio Villa igossa's "Green team", who now runs the Green Project for Los AngelesA.
Department of Housing.
"This project is a breakthrough," she said . "
"They started before the city made green building regulations and we are happy to see the project and see where we should focus on, like solar and gray
Water regulations.
"The two skylights above the stairs help to provide passive cooling and discharge hot air from the house.
In other places, several North.
Facing the skylight, let the light penetrate the second floor
Jokingly let anyone on the roof see the interior below.
"The skylight and windows are designed to make you feel and experience light and shadow," Holden said . ".
From the street, a large window above the front door makes up another dramatic scene: Scabetti lamps made of hundreds of small fish made of bone porcelain.
The white plaster facade is a subtle nod to the relief map, and the projection of shadows defines various lines on a bright day.
"The location is actually a drainage area, so I looked at the old geological map and the superimposed terrain lines on the surface of the building," Holden said . ".
"I'm trying to create some moments between the existing site and the new building.
Those soft curves are repeated inside.
Custom built on stairs and walls
The kitchen and bar area and the carved Corian counter on the ceiling.
The grooves on the ceiling not only increase the height and volume of the kitchen and living room, but also hide the LEDs.
Holden worked with her husband and business partner Wolfgang Melian to design an entrance console, a children's room dresser and other built-in equipment
Floating in the furniture on the floor
"Yes, the design helps to lighten the space and make the room look bigger, but it's also a practical" mom stuff "because they are easy to clean below," Holden said.
Many rooms offer multiple functions. The first-
The floor bathroom is the place where the children wash clean after soaking in the pool and is also a dressing room that can accommodate hangers when shooting.
Greenberg picked most of the furniture.
"I found something in magazines like wallpaper or the Internet," she said . ".
Behind the curve of the living room wall is a round white leather sofa;
The table of the Italian medium fiber board is equipped with the white leather chair and white handmade table of Philip Stark of the Italian manufacturer Cassina
Three tufted Esquire carpets
Size face pattern from top floor.
Only where the children sleep will there be bright colors.
Holden said: "Jill and Rob want the children's space to be fun, so Violet's room has violet --
The walls were flashy and Zed's had a red bunk bed in a corner of the wall.
Holden and her client designed a theater instead of messing up the master bedroom and the TV
The style projector is in a niche behind the bed.
The central Hood serves as a screen, so Greenberg and green can watch it at night while keeping the side tones open to the twinkling views of downtown Los Angeles. His-and-
Her bathroom is connected by foot
Shower through glass.
While Green's are male and functional, Greenberg's is a luxurious female escape, complete for free
Standing in the soaking tub of the tap water company, a tiled fireplace, a long dresser and a picture of her "monkey" leaning against the floor against steelblue wall.
There is a curved window in the corner of the room and its lower part is opaque for privacy.
However, the biggest surprise of the house is above.
"The roof has become our new backyard," said Green . " He refers to the artificial lawn and a canopy of 36 Sharp photovoltaic panels.
"By making the board of solar panels, we create an interesting pattern of light and shadow and get the 50% shade required for LEED certification," Holden said . ".
Vegetables and herbs grow in more than a dozen food map containers, wheel slots made of recycled plastic, and irrigate with drip systems.
Benches with cushions are laid around the roof, providing built-in
In the party seat.
Holden and her clients declined to disclose the project budget, but said they were expected to be LEED certified.
"When designing on an existing website, so many variables make it difficult," Holden said . ".
"I think zoning and building codes are not obstacles but part of the puzzle.
"In this case, the sensory curves of each work are combined to complete the painting --
Of course, the camera is ready. home@latimes.
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