philippines erects wall to hide slums from anti-poverty conference - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-28
philippines erects wall to hide slums from anti-poverty conference  -  temporary wall
MANILA, Philippines-
Delegates attending an international conference in the Philippine capital may not see what they are discussing: extreme poverty.
On a road from the airport to downtown Manila, a makeshift wall stretches across a bridge, hiding a slum that spreads along garbage --strewn creek.
President spokesman Ricky Carandang, who defended the installation of the wall, said on Thursday that "any country will do a little bit of patching before guests come.
He expressed the hope that the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank (Development) Council this week will show that the Philippines is open to business, and the annual meeting will include finance ministers and senior officials from 67 member states.
The facility, which is based in Manila's own wall, aims to reduce poverty in Asia --Pacific region.
"We need to show visitors the order of the Manila Metro.
"We owe ourselves," said Francis tolantino, mayor of Metro Manila . ".
"I think there is nothing wrong with beautifying our environment.
"We are not trying to exclude the poor," he said . ".
ADB did not comment immediately.
The Communist Party of the Philippines says former first lady Imelda Marcos
Notorious for her grandiose lifestyle.
Ridiculed for trying to hide the shantytowns.
She erected a similar wall of painting along the route of foreign tourists to the Miss Universe pageant and other international events in Manila on 1974.
"The government should face the reality.
If they don't, how will they know about the problem and how will they solve it, "said Renato Reyes, secretary-general of the largest left wing.
Bayan wing group.
"By covering up the truth, they lose the energy or intention to solve the problem.
About 12 million of Manila's 94 million residents live in slums and some of the Filipinos live below the $1 poverty line. 25 a day.
Overall, more than half of Asia's population is still poor.
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