patricia cornwell: i spent $7 million solving the jack the ripper case - wooden partition wall

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patricia cornwell: i spent $7 million solving the jack the ripper case  -  wooden partition wall
Five years ago, I happened to see a picture of the crime scene of Mary Kelly, the Jack the Ripper victim.
She was wrongly assumed to be his fifth and last victim.
But by the beginning of November 1888 she was more likely to be his seventh or eighth place, which unfortunately would not be his last.
I have seen this picture countless times.
However, I have never noticed a strange, perhaps inexplicable detail in a faded dark brown print taken by a police photographer's four square wooden camera.
Forensic software appears to have found some sort of evil graffiti on the wooden partition behind the bed, where the body was hacked and collapsed to the bone.
This is subtle, and when the photos were processed by forensic doctors at the beginning of the investigation on 2001, they were not noticed.
The point of the software is that it can recognize gray shadows that cannot be detected by the human eye.
It can "see" what we can't see, and the result is that certain shapes on the wall in Mary Kelly's picture become more visible.
I remember sitting at my desk in Boston for a long time and wondering if my eyes were cheating on me. But no.
There's something I can't really explain until today.
But on the wooden wall behind the body, it seems to be a subtle set of cartoon characters or spots of the image-the face of a man like a hair apart.
I have seen a similar shape in the background of the work of the British Impressionist painter Walter cickett before, and the most famous is Minnie Cunningham at Tate Britain's old Bedford.
I noticed other strange shapes in Ripper and Sickert communications.
None of this, of course, constitutes evidence, but I was reminded that I did not complete the work I started.
It's time to get serious again-not because the study didn't stop, but because it didn't stop.
Over the years, when I traveled to the UK and other places many times, there was a lot of documentation piled up in the archives.
I 've got more scientists and historians involved, and the Compass continues to point to the ugly fact that Sickert is Jack the Ripper.
So when I noticed the strange shape on the wall, I thought, "Damn it.
I have delayed my new book long enough.
"It was time to go back to where I left 15 years ago when I published a portrait of the killer: The Jack the Ripper case was closed.
My goal is to reveal the identity of the notorious serial killer by combining strong historical research with cutting-edge forensic techniques including DNA testing.
This is the first time to use real science in this situation-I spent over $6 million in the process.
It's enough to say I don't know what I'm doing.
Everything started innocent.
I visited Scotland Yard in the spring of 2001 and had the opportunity to meet John sadness.
Then there is the deputy assistant commissioner, who is the first person to mention the name Walter cickett, who may be the suspect of the Ripper.
I have never heard of the artist before.
I know almost nothing about the Ripper case.
Given the background of my investigative journalist and my fictional series on forensic expert Dr.
Kay Scarborough, I have a few questions.
For example, who is the suspect?
Based on what?
Sadly replied that, based on theory, he mentioned a stupid story about Queen Victoria's grandson being considered to be involved.
Apparently, at the beginning of 1970, a painter named Joseph Gorman claimed to be the illegitimate child of Sickert and said that the famous artist had revealed to him the crimes of the Ripper and
Conspiracy involving the royal family
The story is long and complicated, and in addition to the importance of Sickert telling such a story, I don't believe it, and he tells more than one person about the change of the story.
After that, there were some books and movies. In 1993, a calligrapher claimed that his handwriting was consistent with that of the Ripper.
Please note that these are not final conclusions from the point of view of the evidence.
In fact, it sounds ridiculous.
But I'm curious.
I started working on Sickert's paintings, works, and every detail I could find about his life.
From the beginning, I began to find disturbing similarities between him and the Ripper.
Over the last five years, I spent thousands of hours and a small sum of money investing in the art, souvenirs of Sickert, and more importantly, investing in other original documents, evidence and
I continue to work with top scientists and art experts to leverage
Destructive forensic paper analysis and special light sources.
As a result, I have never been worried about the crime of Sickert.
I believe he is responsible for Jack the Ripper's crimes and other scandals including dismemberment, cannibalism and murder and dismemberment of children.
The number of bodies can be as high as 20, maybe more.
I wonder if we know.
According to news reports, as of the early winter of 1888, the death toll was 7.
But they did not count the part of the body, nor did they count the appearance of Tosos, and in the subsequent police memoirs the number of victims was reduced to five.
The fact is that, after the horrific murder of Mary Kelly in November 1888 left London in horror, the police seem to have stopped counting.
Perhaps they simply do not recognize that escalating violence is a growing modus operandi.
Or they might want to believe that the Ripper is gone. Dead.
Could be locked somewhere.
He didn't. he played several more times.
After deciding that the Ripper would no longer exist for a long time, he continued to write to the media and the police.
The letters that laughed at the Ripper lasted for many years, and eventually they caught him.
To put it bluntly, Peter Bauer, a British forensic paper expert, started matching Y-
Outlines and watermarks on stationery co-owned by the Ripper and Sickert.
Bower has five sheets of paper (
Three of Sickert communications, two of the Ripper)
This is from a handmade paper mill in its twenties.
Four possible sheets.
It's not the only game, it's a surprise I never bet on.
There are hundreds of existing Ripper.
Letters from the National Archives and the Metropolitan archives of London.
It is said that many people were sent by the murderer himself, and it is certain that there are more documents that have not been taken seriously or lost.
It is worth noting that, prior to this investigation, it was not noted how many of these documents contained the art media.
People soon accepted that Sickert had an alibi-he was in France at the beginning of the Ripper crime. This is not true.
His alibi is not valid at all.
In various archives, I found a sketch of his date at the London concert hall when at least three early killings occurred.
It is important to remember that DNA is not the only evidence to resolve the case.
Away from it, there is a wealth of information in the original Ripper letters and telegrams.
It is clear that many of these rude, violent communications are written by a smart, artistic person who is able to paint a letter in gorgeous calligraphy with a brush and red ink, or draw a cartoon, write a rhyming couplet.
In zoom in, it looks like a sketch of the Neanderthals
Brute is actually a complex wood print.
This technology was originally the second nature of Sickert.
There are other jokes.
A letter was sent to a false address-punch-in and Judy Lane-whose Thaksin included punch-in and Judy --
Type illustration.
Sickert's Danish father is a Illustrator for Punch & Judy.
There are other similar graffiti and teasing on Cornwall's vandalized guestbook, possibly in the fall of 1889.
The March porn comic is the same as the signature "Jack the Ripper, White Church" in several places.
Anna Robbins, a British art historian, studied the lizard guestbook and concluded that the vandalism was carried out by Sickert.
Of course, he is known to be obsessed with the Ripper and other murders.
He named one of his paintings the bedroom of Jack the Ripper, and the friend said he would dress up as a monster, put on a red scarf and paint under the glow of the bull eye lamp.
Sickert is a narcissistic and anti-social person.
He may be attractive, interesting and attractive, but his friends also know that he is cruel and exploited.
He is a confusing chameleon and changes his hair or name whenever he is excited.
So what created the perfect storm for Jack the Ripper?
Not only is it one thing, but in the early 1860 s when he was a child, the Foundation may have been in place.
Sickert will undergo three major surgeries on his genitals or rectum (or both)for a fistula.
He will suffer from trauma and will most likely be dismembered.
In the letter of the Ripper, there are many masculine allusions in the words and pictures. A so-
People known as "concerned citizens" even think that the motive of the Ripper may be his damaged "Cardinal ".
Sickert died in 1942 at the age of 81.
By that time, he was considered an important and controversial artist.
Victorian Britain lives through its shady concert halls and flashing interiors.
His paintings are hung in Tate and National Gallery and sold for hundreds of pounds at the best.
I found one of his paintings at Scotland Yard.
He even gave Churchill a painting lesson.
Many people don't understand why I have spent so many careers and resources pursuing truth.
After being a reporter, I worked as a computer analyst at Virginia's chief forensic office for six years, programming computers, sorting out statistical analysis, and helping at the morgue.
I label the tube, wipe away the blood, see, touch, smell or even taste the smell of death, because its stench is attached to the back of the throat.
The dead are dead, but murder is not a mystery, I feel it is my mission to fight with my pen and it.
This does not mean that the case has been closed.
No matter what anyone believes, it won't.
Of course, the Ripper himself does not believe that his identity has been determined.
"I think you all fell asleep at Scotland Yard," he laughed in a letter.
"You never caught me, you never will.
"Then, maybe he was wrong. . .
Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter sickerbie Patricia Conwell is published by Thomas and Mercer (£18. 99).
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