partial walls: new ways to shape space - living room partition wall

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partial walls: new ways to shape space  -  living room partition wall
Carol voglenov
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In the past, the attic and apartments were renovated more than the buildings were demolished.
In particular, walls are often torn off in order to create open areas.
But now more and more architects and designers balance their desire for privacy and spaciousness by adjusting the space of some of the walls.
The walls they use are either free
Standing partitions that do not reach the ceiling or part of the wall are just suggested for enclosure.
The result is that the architect calls the layout of the modified open plan.
"People today seem tired of living in a region as big as loftlike," said New York architect Peter Wilson . " He used this part recently.
Wall technology in a major renovation work.
"Most of my clients ask for privacy in closed rooms, but at the same time they want to have a more spacious feeling than a traditional apartment.
What part of the wall provides is that the traditional wall cannot obtain flexibility at a reasonable cost.
For example, in an apartment or loft where the window is located only on one side of the space, use part-
The height wall allows for visual fencing while allowing light and air circulation
Filter in from the attic or the rest of the apartment.
The cost of installing separate heating and air conditioning equipment was then avoided.
As an element of the design, these walls are like stage sets: they are three-
Separate the dimensional objects of a specific area without sacrificing the sense of spatial integrity.
Guiseppe Zambonini said: "By using part of the walls, rooms of different sizes and scales can be created because you are not just limited by the height of the ceiling," a school in triBeCa, architect and director of the design open studio.
Some of the walls have recently become a theme in several lofts.
Zambonini renovated.
A couple of L-
For example, the shape of the attic in the village of Greenwich.
Zambonini designed a series of parts
Height sheet-
The rock wall separates the longest part of the window in the attic. The wedge-
The wall in shape is 1 feet lower than the ceiling, and in order to maximize the light, do not approach the window.
Each wall is covered by a stone for support and gradually becomes a quarter-Inch board.
The four walls divide 2,000 square feet of space into five areas: living, learning, sleeping, guests and solarium.
Three of these wedge ads
The shaped walls outline the gray door with a grid pattern so that a room can enter the next room.
The shape and location of the walls also fill the kitchen and bathroom with light. Mr.
Zambonini repeats the grid pattern in another section of the glass wall, which surrounds the bath and shower sections.
Advertising "it is important that my design do not ignore the original building whenever I renovate the attic," Mr. Zambonini said.
"I don't want to turn a space into a whole new environment.
The walls of these parts create wonderful tension between the old space and the new design, so it is easy to tell the previous situation accurately. ''Mr.
Zambonini oversees the wall building in his workshop, which is part of the design school he runs.
The total cost of the building, including walls, lighting, cabinets, tile work and kitchen decoration, is about $30 per square foot.
"When you don't start with taking up a space completely, the renovation will naturally be cheaper," says design co-architect Jon Michael schwating. When Mr.
In collaboration with the architect Beyhan Karahan, shiwatin renovated a two-seat
Bedroom apartments they saw at the beginning how much original layout they could keep intact.
The reason why architects are particularly conservative in design is that their clients John and Alice Kenny do not want to do a massive renovation.
"Because the room is small and claustrophobic, I think a simple and more open floor plan will make the apartment more livable . "Kenney said.
"Since we only use the apartment for a few days a week, I don't want to spend a lot of money. ''Mr.
Schwating and Miss Callahan designed a way to turn the little dark dining room into a part of the living room.
They removed the walls of the restaurant but did not completely remove them.
Instead, the architect leaves the outline of the old wall so that a series of vertical and horizontal beams can indicate where the old room is.
The original parquet floor also left behind, extending the border of the pattern along the edge of the restaurant.
Due to the retention of the same number of layouts as before, the total cost of the project is about $10,000.
"Post-modern places more emphasis on traditional rooms . "
Said schwating.
"Many customers who have lived in an apartment for years like Kennedy don't really want a radical change.
They are very nostalgic about the past.
"What prompted interior designer Douglas Frank to build part of the building was an issue of aesthetics rather than economics --
The high walls of some of the apartments he renovated.
"They gave me the opportunity to shape the space, not just the decoration space . "Frank said.
Used to be an advertisement in an old Knitting Factory's renovated apartment building.
Frank took down a wall.
Three-bedroom apartment with partial design-
High wall separating the living room, bedroom and office.
His client Dan Williams runs Borman/Williams, a public-
There was a problem with his apartment.
I want it for free.
The atmosphere flowing in the attic. Williams said.
"But at the same time, there must be very different areas for my home and office. ''Two 6-foot-6-inch-
The high wall between the bedroom and the office is separate.
Unless you're a rare sevenfoot-
High individual, the walls are high enough so you can't see them, but they still give a sense of the whole space, "Mr. Frank said.
The third wall erected by the designer is eight.
The foot jar at the entrance hides the kitchen and the small hallway.
Total construction costs were $20,000.
When Peter Wilson and his colleague Barbara Weinstein looked at the apartment that drama director Gene Sachs and his wife Karen bought on the top two floors of an old house, they know they won't work in traditional spaces.
The bedroom on the top floor is a place where the old hand court once took turns --of-the-century house.
However, when the house was divided into separate apartments, the top floor was made into two small rooms connected by a narrow corridor. When Mr.
Wilson first looked into the floor and he decided to remove the wall between the two rooms.
He also found a large skylight by accident.
With this discovery, the design of the bedroom revolves around it.
"I actually created a room in a room," said Mr.
Wilson talked about two dramatic eight. foot-
Form a V-shaped high wall in the middle of the floor.
The architect deliberately placed the bed at the intersection of this V so that Sakses could sleep directly under the stars. Palladian-
The arch style in the middle of the two partial walls leads to separate dressing areas at the back.
Wake up every morning and the sun rises over their heads, does this bother the Sarsi?
"Not at all," Madam. Saks said.
"We are not very practical people and we would like to have a bedroom that is a little quirky.
In fact, a theater friend who came to visit glanced at the room and said loudly, "cheap performance --
Only one set.
"A version of this article appears on page C00001, country edition, November 18, 1982, with the title: partial walls: a new way to shape space.
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