outgrown your garage? move the cars, not homes - interior dividing wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-13
outgrown your garage? move the cars, not homes  -  interior dividing wall
Fraser has three vintage cars and three Harley.
Davidson motorcycles, there's no place to hide them.
"Your toy collection is too big and the House is working, but there is no garage," says Fraser, owner of RockCreek Builders . ".
"I started thinking about moving for this reason.
Fraser came up with a way his vehicle could move but he didn't have to move.
About three kilometers from Heritage Pointe is Stash, a new luxury garage with its first property in the storage room starting this month.
"This is the best of both worlds," Fraser said . ".
"Less than 10 minutes from my house, I stayed where I was and got the ultimate garage.
Two men driving
Garage, I parked outside all winter just to store my stuff.
So the effect is good as it is close enough to me so I can use it to patch and process them and park inside in the cold months.
Another upscale storage facility called "vault" opened in Northeast Calgary in October 2016, but is now ahead of scheduleselling.
Stash is a 38 Bay facility in the Okotoks area.
With an area of 1,250 square feet, it is expected to accommodate 6 cars.
Starting at $250,000, apartment fees are expected to be around $150 per month.
Additional mezzanine and bathroom are provided.
Initial plans for the Treasury include 43 units.
It covers an area of about 1,650 square feet, including a mezzanine for $329,900.
The cost of the apartment is expected to start at $165 per month, including the use of the club and private washbasin.
At 1750 120 Street. N. E.
In both cases, for greater space, multiple units can be purchased in the case of removal of partitions.
While car enthusiasts have seized on the concept, it's not just for cars, says Joe Mahovlich, president of Vaults development.
The company behind the storage project.
"I have a fairly large garage," said Mahovlich . ".
"It has tools, seasonal equipment with motorcycles and all the other kids playing or not playing.
More storage space for me.
I wanted to take care of the basement stuff and the stuff in the garage so we could use the garage to park.
James B said: "The vault is also expected to play a role in the decision on living conditions. Murray, vice-
President of Treasury development
That said, it opens the door for those who want to scale down their families rather than their precious collection of cars.
"When we pay special attention to Calgary, as people move from real estate homes to the growing luxury apartments in the city center we see, their car space is very limited," Murray said . ".
"So all of a sudden, you can take those collector's cars, RV and boats and feel like you can't move into a luxury apartment in the city center because you still have a lot of space that's safe.
"These reserves are owned by Larry and Leslie Stadnik, who are the owners of Corey homes, a custom country area builder who has been in the Calgary area since 1979
For Larry, the vehicle storage facility is a combination of two passions --
Buildings and cars.
"This is one of my dreams," said Larry . ".
"I saw it in Phoenix, Arizona, where a group of people got together and built all these garages, kind of hanging together.
Like a small community.
They had a good time.
Fraser said he was looking forward to the opportunity to get in touch with other car enthusiasts.
"Everyone who is going to do this, their collection and this type of stuff will go crazy to some extent," he said . ".
"Our climate does not allow us to drive these things every year --
So we need a place to hang out with them.
"Whether it's a car or other valuables, these storage facilities need something safer than regular locks and keys.
High hiding place and vault.
The ultimate approach to security.
A wider range of features include swiping cards and a range of surveillance cameras entering the facility.
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