'our treehouse in the hills' - living room partition wall

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\'our treehouse in the hills\'  -  living room partition wall
In these days, ordinary bungalows on small plots were replaced by looming mini-Villas
The mansion, for a small but good house, has something pleasant, efficient and almost kinddesigned.
Marianne Fox called her "our tree house on the mountain" 1,100-square-foot one-
She lives with her husband Jim in a bedroom on a Hollywood Hill.
The couple met in London and started a vintage clothing business called Go Monkey, which took them to Los Angeles in 2002.
"Our interest in building in 1950 has grown through our apparel business," Jim said . "
"We loved the costumes, music, and furniture of the 1950s S, and once in Los Angeles, we started to meet people with building houses and learn more about them.
"Jim and Marianne found their house online three years ago, but it has been hosted, not to mention exceeding their budget.
They look at it anyway and fall in love.
It's easy to see why.
Beachwood Canyon house, designed by Los Angeles prolific architect Edward finkett in 1954, is known for promoting modern medieval style in his tract home, also designed more complex properties for celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and graujo Marx.
Entering the home of Fox, people will be impressed by the interaction between the typical light and space of Fickett's house. A floor-to-
The ceiling glass wall faces the magnificent canyon landscape and the skyline of Los Angeles.
Along the other wall, the Sun shoots in from a series of sunroofs extending under the roof.
The amber bamboo floors in the kitchen and living room sparkled, with high ceilings and open floor plans to maximize the feeling of being spacious.
"When we first saw the house and the view, we could see the potential of the place and know we had to have it," said Jim Fox . ".
The couple jumped up when the house was out of custody.
They sold their apartment in West Hollywood and bought their first house, Fickett.
Then the work began.
The house is dilapidated, and basic problems such as old wires and pipes have exacerbated its appearance.
A former owner added a partition to the living room to build a second bedroom.
The 1980 cabinets in the living room and the fireplace next to the window block the view and seem to be inconsistent with the original spirit of the house.
"We tore everything into bones and started from scratch," Jim said . ".
"We removed the partition and smoked out the old smoke --
The carpet was burned and new floors were laid.
We rewire.
Everything went well.
"A lot of work is concentrated in the kitchen, there is no
Replaced the original cabinet, the table surface with stainless steel.
The original elements, such as the fully functional 1950 s Thermador oven, are kept in place, adding to the retro atmosphere of the house.
The spiral staircase leads to the lower level.
"Initially, the house was just the top floor," Jim said . ".
"It was built for a couple for a weekend getaway for $9,000.
This is probably one of the smallest houses on Fickett's resume.
"The bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor feel integrated with the House but retain a sense of privacy.
Sliding glass doors provide a great view of the mountain and the Griffith Observatory in the distance.
Outside the yard, a bubbling fountain surrounded by a ponytail Reed provides the couple's two mini poodles, Dolly and Duncan, with a quiet noise and roaming space.
"It's a great place to relax," said Marianne . ".
"It is very private and beautiful, especially in the summer when the trees are blooming.
We are here with nature and the view of the city is great at night.
"Not only does the fox bring the house closer to its original plan, it also registers it as a landmark and is covered by the mill Act, a state law that reduces property taxes in exchange for protection.
"If we sell the house, we don't want someone to tear it down in order to build a bigger house," said Marianne . ".
When the couple stood on the terrace and looked at the tree house on the mountain, she added, "Sometimes less is more. "--home@latimes. com--
It was suggested to re-read the rebound on McMansions and the growing awareness that the size of the house was a major factor in green life, which spawned several books on modesty --
Big and small houses and good design potential.
Recommended by staff at the Santa Monica Hennes and Ingles building bookshop: Felix Richardson's XS: small structures, green buildings (Universe, $29. 95).
Including dozens of houses designed to be beautiful, practical and ecologically healthy.
James Trulove's 25 houses under 1,500 square feet (
Collins Design ($35).
Projects from all over the world.
Including plan and elevation sketches.
Small house: contemporary residential architecture by Nicholas Poole (Universe, $35).
These 2003 books are older than others, but the topics include high
Profile companies and some historical backgrounds are also provided.
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