our little girl went to school and never returned - room partition wall

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our little girl went to school and never returned  -  room partition wall
Shocked relatives of Keane Wallis
Bennett spoke last night about how their world changed forever after their little girl was crushed at school.
Sad mother Abby Ann Wallis, 34, is said to be in a state of calm after being told that 12-year-old Keane was killed in the accident.
A wall in the inner dressing room fell on Keane before ten o'clock A. M. yesterday, and emergency services rushed to Liberton High in Edinburgh.
She was treated by ambulance workers but was pronounced dead at the scene.
Last night, the sad mom who worked in the catering industry and the 47-year-old chef dad Clark Bennett were too upset to speak.
But Abbie's 62-year-old aunt, Patricia Wallis, says her niece must be calm after learning about the tragedy.
Patricia said at her home in Longfield, Kent, "it's terrible.
"You don't want your little girl to go to school that afternoon and not go home.
"Apparently Abbie got a call from the school.
It seems to be just an ordinary day, but her whole world has collapsed.
Keane is the granddaughter of my brother Christopher, who will come to Kent to visit us during the holidays with Abbie and her 11-year-old brother Ryan.
"She was so happy --go-
Lucky little girl, very smart.
She is always the first of all her exams.
"She's interested in all the girls --
Music, clothes and the Internet.
"She is very popular at school and has many friends.
"Now there will be a huge hole in our house, and there is really nothing I can say about how I feel.
When Keane prepared for the physical education class, terror began.
It is considered free.
As she stood next to the dressing room, the upright partition wall separating the dressing room collapsed.
The police blocked the area between the main school building and the annex building close to the sports ground.
Keane's sad parents returned home to the nearby berdihaus by four o'clock P. M.
The police family liaison was there to support them.
Father Clark is the chef of the new Bell restaurant in Edinburgh.
The premises closed last night.
There was a sign of apology saying it was caused by "unforeseen circumstances.
Clark's brother James, 48, aldsiye from Inverness
"My brother is sad, but we won't blame anyone until we know the truth," said Sharma.
Many of the school's 650 students received text messages from principal Stephen Kelly informing them that they had died.
The message says, "The important thing is --
An accident at school
A student died unfortunately.
"Her parents know.
No one else was injured.
Information to focus on.
"When dozens of parents came to school and many ran into school, there was a panic scene.
Then the tearful students were taken away.
Gary Gracie, 34, said: "My stepdaughter called and said a wall in the dressing room collapsed.
She heard the crash.
Liam Ansley, a 17-year-old student, said: "Everything is in pain there.
After that, we were locked up in the classroom for two or three hours and then called to a rally they told us.
But most people know because they look online.
There was a bouquet of flowers next to the school entrance sign last night that said, "Rest in peace, Keane.
God got another angel.
First Minister Alex Salmond wrote on Twitter: "I was shocked and saddened by the news from limberton high school.
Scotland Police Chief Matt Richards says the investigation is underway.
He added: "At this time, we express our deepest sympathy to the parents of the girl.
Today, a primary school student who lost a classmate and a friend is also our idea.
Ian Murray, a local MP, said: "This is an absolute tragedy.
I hope the situation will be explained soon.
In addition to students seeking "emotional support" or help before the exam, Liberton High will be closed until after the Easter holiday, officials said.
First Deputy Minister Nicola Sturgeon: "There was terrible news from the high school in limberton.
Express my thoughts and condolences to my family and friends.
Conservative Party leader Ruth Davidson: "Terrible news from the school.
Think and pray with family, students and staff.
Michael Russell, minister of education: "It's very sad to hear about the death --
Thinking about the family and the whole school community.
Church of Scotland host Rt Rev Lorna Hood: "We are sad when we hear the news of the death of our students.
We pray and sincerely sympathize with her family and school community.
Friend Sophie Lumsdon: "RIP Keane, I love you
But did not forget.
"Sonia mccull, the sister of the ex-boyfriend
Jamie Skinner, a student who died in December: "It's a sad news.
RIP Keane Grace WallisBennett.
The poor children have experienced so much and now so much.
Rachel Cuthbert: "There's nothing more memorable than hearing the cries from her friends from the hallway.
Feeling uncomfortable
Student Rachel said sadly: "OMG can't believe that the school's dressing room collapsed in the first few years.
I didn't expect such a thing to happen in our school.
Hannah Ritchie: "It's especially true to see young girls crying badly when they lose a friend. RIP.
NUALA: "The school is a joke, this is not the first time a tragic event has happened!
Lisa Butler man: "It's sad to see this little girl's best friend cry.
Tara Duffy: "I was very sad to see this little girl's friend in tears.
Liam Ansley: "Has this school not been checked recently ? ". . .
Well done obviously.
"Speaking of yesterday's tragedy, Andy Gray, head of the parliamentary School, held back tears.
Outside of limberton high school, he said Keane's death had "distressed" students and staff ".
Mr Gray assured anyone at the Edinburgh school that the government would support them as they were struggling for the deadly car accident.
"Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of our students," he said.
This is clearly a frustrating moment for all the students, staff and communities at limberton high school.
"We provide welfare support to anyone who needs it. “We will co-
Cooperate fully with Scottish police and health and safety supervisors to determine what has happened.
"Liberton High was opened by the Duchess of Kent on May 14, 1959.
This is the tenth anniversary of the Queen's visit.
The 350,000 facility was the first purposebuilt, non-
Sectarian Middle School in the capital
The design can accommodate 1,000 students.
There are currently 65 staff and 650 students.
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