open living in a barcelona loft - interior dividing wall

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open living in a barcelona loft  -  interior dividing wall
Location of Keith moonhill December.
Barcelona, Spain, 2011, soon after moving to the city in 2006, James Wales was fascinated by its energy.
He said: "There are prosperous cultural landscapes, beaches in summer and alpine skiing in winter . "Welsh, a 33-year-old Englishman.
He thinks his existence is quite stable.
He has lived in London, Nepal, Paris, New York and Boston.
He will make Barcelona his home. Mr.
The Welsh are single and work for an online printing company he founded, and he is starting to look for in El bobrunu, a community now full of tech entrepreneurs, artists and designers. Back then, Mr.
The Welsh said, "there is still a little distance from the radar in this area.
He stumbled onto the floor.
Pass the attic with a huge terrace.
Large rectangular apartment
About 1,300 square feet
Occupy the entire second floor of an old third floor.
Since the previous owner had removed most of the interior walls, it had an open feel.
"It's all very small. it's great for me . "
Welsh who paid about 600,000 eurosabout $775,000)
The area of the apartment and terrace is roughly the same as the interior.
Or advertising, sir.
The Welsh want to make some changes.
The attic is dark and there is not enough storage.
He hired Yolanda Euster Lopez and Tobias Raman in Barcelona
Construction company based in Ylab Arquitectos.
The couple made a plan.
Welsh people recognize everything.
"Apart from the suggestion to add a fireplace, I know I don't really need a fireplace, and almost everything in the original model is what I have here," he said . ".
The cost of decoration is about 120,000 euros ($150,000).
The architect chose natural, neutral materials for the attic. Buff-
The colored earth brick covers the interior, creating a warm, almost rustic atmosphere with a thin coat of concrete on the floor in a light, non-smoking gray color.
"We like to use uneven, imperfect materials . "Laarmann said. At Mr.
The Welsh request is that the two fascinating Catalan features remain: the original geometric floor tiles and bare wooden ceiling beams in the kitchen, which restore the natural honey color.
Kitchen with big windows and glass-
The door is paneled and leads to a small balcony facing the street. When Mr.
At the time, Wales's girlfriend suggested an American.
He did not agree with the style of kitchen with big appliances.
"I prefer to have only low cabinets so that it doesn't break the open," he said . ".
So the built-in-
The fridge, freezer, dishwasher and oven are all hidden under a large white area
Quartz countertops.
The architects also built a large L-
Can be used as a wall of the storage unit.
The dining area is separated from the master bedroom with a light oak finish wall.
The bathroom and walls were also remodeled.
The architect designed a clever space with an opaque sliding glass panel.
"Because the attic is made of wood and bricks --
Rough texture
We think the bathroom has to be like a jewel, not in the countryside, but shiny . "López said.
Italian glass tiles in Bisazza cover the bathroom floor, walls and ceiling, painted in gray, white and green.
Finally, the architect replaced the rear exterior wall with the floorto-
Ceiling windows and sliding glass doors create a light
Accessible landscape full of space and terracotta-tiled terrace.
The advertisement is "much brighter indoors ". Welsh said.
As for the decorative prosperity,
There are only a few in Wales.
A painting by Eric mark trencig of Barcelona
Hang on to life based on artists-room couch;
A Brooklyn skateboard is placed on a nearby shelf.
A globe from Illum, one of Copenhagen's most popular stores, is placed in a corner above his desk.
A sunny afternoon
The Welsh sat at his oak table.
German company e15)
List all the sports equipment neatly.
Including rod, reel, four
Tents, backpacks, hiking gear and two skis.
"And there is nothing messy . "Welsh said.
A version of this article was printed on page 5 of the New York edition on December 22, 2011, with the title: living in the attic of Barcelona.
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