one per cent - moving walls

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-06
one per cent  -  moving walls
Will you accept instructions from the robot?
For employees of McCann Japan, an advertising agency, this is not hypothetical. Called AI-
AI will use the analyzed TV program data to guide the agency's advertising creation.
This is obviously a public relations stunt, but the fact is that the world is taking AI workers seriously.
Amnesty International commented on Apple's fight with the FBI over encryption, what if you live in a room?
This is the vision of the University of Hartford Cube project, which launched the latest version of the miniature house at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.
Designed for one person or a couple, Microhome aims to maintain energy neutral due to heat pumps, LED lighting, solar panels and triple glazing.
The 18 m² floor, which borders the moving walls, can be reconfigured between the kitchen, lounge, bathroom and bedroom.
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