on the level: is the old plaster best? - partition wall cost

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-15
on the level: is the old plaster best?  -  partition wall cost
The sound of plaster is better than gypsum board
Jeff Howell wrote in patching the slats that proofreading propertiesand-
Plaster wall is an interesting experience.
Until about 70 years ago, before the gypsum board was widely used, the ceiling and internal partition walls were arranged together by separate wooden strips and plastered.
Laths itself, about inches or inches-and-a-
Half width, made of riven or split wood and nailed individually to each ceiling pallet or wall post.
Thousands of nails will be used in a new house, each of which is nailed by hand.
I 've heard that lathers sometimes go crazy because of its monotony.
Anyway, I closed a door on an old house and it seems appropriate to recycle some of the old tiles instead of using gypsum board.
When repairing patches like this, it is better to use matching materials, because the movement properties are the same, reducing the possibility of cracking.
Fixed the old Batten by hand alone with a small nail
Made with a blacksmith.
They were slightly thinner, so when they were nailed in, they always spilled the end of the Batten, which must have annoyed the person doing the job.
Maybe it's also a threat to their sanity.
I used an electric short gun which was fast and avoided separating the slats.
It also prevents hitting your fingers and thumb with a hammer.
The people who built the house at first would be envious.
The plastering Batten wall itself is an art because the plaster oozes out of the gap between the Batten, forming a key.
Plaster must be the correct consistency and continue to apply under proper pressure.
If the mix is too sloppy, or too tight, then it disappears from the gap.
In addition to reducing the risk of cracking, Batten-and-
The sound of plaster is better than gypsum board
Proofing properties.
The traditional lime plaster is much more dense than the gypsum that makes the gypsum board, which helps to absorb lowFrequency sound.
In addition, the way plaster oozes between slats leaves an irregular surface, reducing reverb and echo, similar to the "egg box" acoustic lining material used in the studio.
Readers who live in modern houses often complain about bad voices
Proofing between rooms but always using wooden column partitions.
The only difference is that in Victorian houses they are arranged with slats and plaster, and in modern houses there are plasterboard.
The difference is significant.
Ask Jeff, there's a crack in my partition.
It is partly made of horizontally laid planks, and the rest is an old door covered with gypsum board with a small number of slatsand-plaster.
The walls are very uneven and the wallpaper cracks where the boards meet.
We tried a variety of sealant and fillers but did not achieve lasting success.
What advice do you have?
The house is a wooden frame of about 1600. AW, by e-
If I have mail number 17
I want to be faithful to the original work.
Neither gypsum board nor wallpaper were used at that time.
The local building protection officer will be able to advise you on the sympathetic restoration.
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