office fantasies of the future in these visions of the workplace of 2050, seats float and holograms talk. but whatever happened to the water cooler? - conference room dividers

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office fantasies of the future in these visions of the workplace of 2050, seats float and holograms talk. but whatever happened to the water cooler?  -  conference room dividers
Fortune magazine)
Fifty years ago, America was in the throes of a traffic revolution.
The national highway system has just been built, and faster jets make air travel on the mainland feasible.
Personal aircraft may be inevitable.
Push pack and Jetsons-
It's like flying cars occupy a prominent position in depicting what life might be like in 2000.
Most of these predictions, of course, prove extremely inaccurate.
In 2000, we were in the middle of the information revolution.
So when Fortune asked America's four largest offices
Design company (
Himan Miller, horworth and hung Ye)
To predict what our workplace will look like in 50 years, we are not surprised by the communication issues highlighted in all designs.
The promise behind the vision is appealing: unlike today's phones, pagers, faxes, and emails
Even if mail can interfere with our personal interactions, the technology of 2050 will encourage face-to-face communicationto-
Or at least an excellent holographic fax.
The same is true of designers.
The vision on these pages may reveal the future of the workplace.
They could also be future discarded flying cars and jetpacks.
Noel: Carl Magnuson, director of design at Noel, said the virtual SEANCE in the conference room "there is no new idea, there is only a better combination of existing ideas . ".
"In his 2050 outlook for the workplace, people still need chairs to sit inside and need flat surfaces to work, but magnetic --levitation (maglev)
The device will enable them to float on the chair and move at will.
Technology will penetrate into our world, so computers and mobile phones will disappear on the wall.
Magnuson even thinks noise is canceled. -
On the contrary, and the sound waves of equality neutralize each other--
Will eliminate interference with the demand for concrete walls and compartments
Full of office space.
Virtual divider with adjustable opacity-
Through a similar image cancellation process, which Magnuson dreams will become possible-
Privacy will be activated when required.
Magnuson says human interaction is the focus as technology fades.
This, he believes, is the DNA of the office ". . .
Ceremony, ceremony, invisible things in social relations.
"Our moving chairs will also be wireless, connected by a small device implanted into our ears.
Want to access some information on the network?
Just think about it, the holographic projector on the chair will display the data with the bandwidth that only you can access;
You can pick up the material and show it to others if you want.
It is not clear exactly how it will work.
Even video conferencing will become more comprehensive and replaced by holographic images.
"Seances" filled in "(see above).
They will contact the staff at different locations in what Magnusson calls "shared virtual rooms.
"Communication is the focus again;
The technology that makes it possible is actually invisible.
Herman Miller: in Silicon Valley, technology has disappeared from virtual walls. People are as likely to play in the office as they are to work from home.
This trend will guide the design of the workplace to 2050, says Stephen Pitt. The result?
Greater personal freedom, less pollution, less pressure on natural resources. Okay.
So how does it work?
OK, think about Pierce, the "deliberately ambiguous" workplace designed for Herman Miller. Life-
Size holographic image of Co-
Workers elsewhere will be projected onto virtual walls.
We will be able to figure out gestures, facial expressions and other non-verbal communication elements in phone calls and emails
In today's clumsy, staged video conference, mail and undeciphable.
These walls will double as displays of holographic data emitted from micro projectors.
Like handheld computers and other handheld computers, projectors are portable.
But since they project onto virtual walls, they are not limited by the small screen of the device.
While we can carry the projector, the concept of "my" phone or "my" PC will go away to a large extent.
Like a refrigerator or microwave, these devices can be exchanged.
Wherever you go, you can use the technology you find there.
Pierce does not believe that all electrical and technical infrastructure will disappear from sight;
After all, he joked that not everything in the future is perfect.
What are we wearing?
Many of us are still sports fashion born in the 1940 s, Pierce noted.
Therefore, despite the fundamental changes in the environment and technology, clothing will remain the same.
To show his point, he summoned an idol of yesterday: "We won't jump around in Martha Graham's jumpsuit.
Today's technology can make the workplace look depressing.
We are dominated by voice mail and email. mail.
When the software loads, we waste our time looking at a small icon on the screen to keep spinning.
We were disturbed by a loud speaker at the construction site in the lobby or across the street.
Even an unstable climate
The control system seems to be colluding with us.
Roger Archie of Haworth thinks like a world in which everything we see, hear and feel in the office is under our command.
"In 50 years, we will no longer be slaves of technology," Eich promised . "
"Technology can make our work boring, so we can focus on building relationships.
"This is common among our designers.
How does Eich think it will be implemented?
Personal work space (above right)
Will be equipped with intuitive computers that are seamlessly built into the furniture and can respond to voice commands instead of a keyboard or mouse.
Canceling the noise can distract you. -
Our own voice.
Ergonomic chairs and adjustable lighting and temperature control will provide maximum comfort.
Who needs a corner office?
The virtual window will provide a good view for everyone-
One day is the city landscape, and the next day is the country landscape. You choose.
Eich takes technology integration seriously and integrates these things into our clothing (below, right).
Fashion will define clothing more than features.
We will play sports
The identification device on our neck, the phone on our legs, the laptop on our legs.
But the remnants of our simulation of the world will still be comforting memories of the past.
Still, Eich can't imagine a future without a pen.
Hon industries: everyone has a corner office. Over the past 50 years, the relationship between furniture and technology has changed dramatically, and according to the design team of the Hon industriall steel division, its further development will determine the workplace in 2050.
For example, the first batch of TV was like furniture.
As they evolved, they began to be independent of other furniture. Now flat-
The size of the photo frame has become furniture, and this trend will continue.
"Communication and Information devices will be integrated into chairs, walls and even working faces, thus replacing keyboards and telephones with voice recognition," said David Strohl of AllSteel . ".
"Just ask and you will see data such as stock quotes, news ---
Even when your daughter plays football-
Display on the tablet at the same time.
Virtual technology will make telecommuting more intimate and realistic, says Strohl.
Holographic images are the core of his vision. -he thinks 3-
Photos of colleagues in the distance will appear in our office and take us on the shoulder.
This ghostly friendship is best to make up for the lack of human contact, as most of the concentrated corporate complexes will give way to small office clusters (see above)
Almost together.
Strohl, like Haworth's Eich, believes that the workplace in 2050 is fair;
Everyone should see something great outside the window.
But Strohl looks for small, scattered offices designed with dome glass ceilings and walls. The result?
Direct sunlight will bring both psychological and environmental benefits ---
Collect solar energy easily and efficiently.
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