new tile substrate poised to change homebuilding world - partition wall systems

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-04
new tile substrate poised to change homebuilding world  -  partition wall systems
A lot of the time, a new building material appeared on the scene and changed everything.
For example, in 1901, the first asphalt roof tile raised doubts, but a century later, 75 of all households remained dry under the asphalt.
The drywall was new at the end of 1940;
Everywhere now.
Floor heating with space radiation-
In the early 1980 s, most of the major home renovations included the function of making the floor warm.
The pace of home building innovation is increasing, and at some point in the coming months, a brand new tile --
Setup products will appear in Canadian stores.
There's nothing better than this.
Some people are hesitant as usual in the face of new things, but I fully expect this new material to change the way ceramics, porcelain and stone bricks are installed. Here’s why.
The product is a rigid waterproof structure foam substrate called Kerdi-ceramic tileBoard.
It was manufactured by a company called Schluter Systems, which was used in Europe last year with a thickness from 5-mm to 50-mm. Kerdi-
Accept tiles directly for wooden boards (
It can be installed on existing wall frames and countertops)
, Or used separately for structures.
It is cut with a knife, light weight, water-free, strong enough to build walls, benches, and even build it yourself
Support partitions for public restrooms and shower facilities.
Want a tile table top? Glue Kerdi-
Attach the board to the top of the cabinet and then apply the tiles.
Or how about a curved tile dresser?
Cutting pieces of Kerdi
Boards for construction, then attach them together with the same thin mortar for fixing tiles anywhere.
Want to build a shower? Apply Kerdi-
Connect the floor to the existing wall of your house using stainless steel washers and screws, add a reclined shower base and joint
Waterproof fabric then applied tiles and grout.
You can even use Kerdi as a shower partition wall. Board alone.
The system consists of metal channels used to secure plates on walls, ceilings, and floors, with stainless steel edge Caps to form finished edge on partitions.
Do you want to tile uneven blocks or brick and stone walls?
Apply a thin tile mortar on a rough surface and apply a layer of Kaidi-
Board in place.
The thin mortar fills the various gaps under the board, creating a flat, smooth and waterproof surface for the tiles.
No mechanical anchoring is required.
Versatility is one thing, but new materials will only become mainstream if they improve installation efficiency and reduce installation costs.
This is a common element of all the new building materials that have changed the world in the past 100, and efficiency is what I think Kerdi-
The board is ready to change the status quo permanently.
It is as lightweight as any hard foam board material you hold.
It cuts quietly and dust-free with a knife, a bit like a drywall.
Use the utility blade to pass through the shell on one side, break it along the score line with your hand or knee, and then cut the shell on the other side to finish the cut. Kerdi-
The board is also an effective thermal insulation material that prevents the movement of water vapor and also includes printed mesh patterns for guiding the installation of tiles. I expect Kerdi-
Originally appeared in Canada through the tile supply store and later through the large retail building supply store that most of us are in.
Things are too early, but the best way to learn more now is to visit the UK website www. kerdi-board. co. uk.
For the last five months, I 've been experimenting with samples I asked for last fall, and as I said before, I think the world of housing construction will change again.
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