new interior design trends of 2019 - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-23
new interior design trends of 2019  -  temporary wall
Every year, we can see that there is a new trend in the interior design scene, and 2019 is no different.
However, this year's focus is on the trend of the living room.
You can take a closer look today.
Keep reading and learn about new trends in the living room and get tips on how to make these look better in your home.
Believe it when someone says you will fall in love with these fascinating and popular design statements.
This year, a trend that is completely eye-catching color seating
Colorful seating trends.
These days you can see that the sofas, stools, and accent chairs all have a series of bold shades that you haven't seen for a while.
In particular, the emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red and other gemstone tones are even more bright in front of people.
If you're going to embrace colorful seating trends, one thing you have to remember.
You choose to make a colorful furniture project that needs to be a presentation part of your room.
However, be sure to balance bold tones by using a large amount of neutral tones in other areas of the design.
Neutral tones give the eyes a place to rest and also help to maintain an overwhelming advantage over the entire design.
As you know, the report ceiling has been in and out of the selection range for years and it looks like they will still make a comeback.
But this time, these trends are darker than ever before.
It is emphasized that dark brown, gray and black are not common in the past.
It can be said that people like it very much.
However, you should remember not to make these colors the only ones in your design book.
The main key here is that you combine the colors you use in other apps throughout the room.
On top of that, you should also consider using materials other than paint.
Temporary wall decals or wallpaper will make a good presentation on your ceiling. Large-
The scale wall art wall artwork will be a huge sensation in 2019.
Especially you can see the big-scale prints.
Like the color trend you will see this year, the wall art style now is bold, big and in-your-face.
Now it is common to see that prints occupy a better part of the wall as the focus of the room.
If you want to pick a wall art piece that works perfectly, check out the best wall art in India.
However, according to the traditional point of view, wall art should occupy four
Seven ths hanging on the wall.
To calculate these dimensions, first measure the width and length of the wall.
Then multiply each number by 0.
571, four-
Seven decimal.
The last trend to be discussed today is to arrange furniture purposefully.
The days of putting the sofa against the wall and then leaving a space cave in the middle of the room have passed.
This year will focus on making meaningful room layouts from a functional point of view and looking beautiful --
It looks beautiful.
In terms of the functional layout of the living room, it's all about creating an attractive seating area.
You should add a proper-
Carpet covering the size of the ground space.
This will increase the visual interest of the room.
After that, arrange seating around central focus such as a TV or fireplace.
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