my secret montana - double glass partition

by:EBUNGE     2020-01-25
my secret montana  -  double glass partition
There is something to say about the road to walk less.
It opens your eyes and greets you with opportunities and experiences you will not have.
I wrote about my trip to eastern Montana last summer.
Eastern Montana is home to open countryside and endless skies.
From the dry plateau to the wasteland carved by wind and water, the scenery varies, and this is exactly what I desire to travel.
I need a place away from all of this and eastern Montana is my ticket.
Go east on I-
Starting from Billings, I arrived at the first stop of the Pompeii Pillar National Monument.
The pillar of Pompey is a rocky formation, signed by Lewis and Clark expedition Clark.
There is a very good commentary center and interesting exhibition.
People can climb the well maintained stairs and see Clark's signature, and when he and part of the expedition are returning to the Holy, he engrave his name on the stone columnLouis, MO.
This is the only place where the Lewis and Clark expedition left any physical evidence of their existence, and when I was standing there it gave me goose bumps.
Lunch time arrived soon and I drove into the city of miles to the cafe 600.
This is the best American restaurant in a small town.
It has been there since the end of 1940, and the long dining table proves this as it has worn out places where regulars dine at the same time every day.
The menu goes from salad to steak, with large portions and high prices.
Don't ask for a double high latte here, because you'll only get a blank look, then a smile and a great Joe.
I ordered chicken.
Because the local people told me it was the best steak.
His name is Jerry. I was immediately attracted to him.
He sat with me and began to tell me about his life, hardships and happiness when he grew up in Miles City.
He also told me something very interesting.
Er, inappropriate)
Jokes that make me laugh
We chatted at lunch, after he insisted that I see the Montana bar under a few doors.
We walked up and down from the long quaint bar and stood two brave men who kindly greeted Jerry with a punch.
Then they started to quarrel. I felt very embarrassed at that moment.
Jerry introduced me, and they all took off their hats and bowed and said, like an absolute gentleman, "it's a pleasure to meet you, madam . ".
Jerry said I had to go to the men's room. -
Because, well, he told me, "it hasn't been touched since 1800 ". So I do. He is right --
Original mosaic tile floor and (now)
The vintage porcelain urinal made me feel like I was standing in the bathroom outside the Western tablet.
Beautiful, but I really just want to leave right away.
We did leave the bathroom. Thank you, Lord.
Finally the bar, but not before Jerry showed me the bullet holes on the stained glass partition.
That day, a young man came back, probably after too many people decided to check his pistol.
Not aware that security is not involved;
A bullet shot through the beautiful stained glass partition that happened to be at the main entrance of the bar.
Luckily no one was hurt!
I say goodbye to Jerry and continue to stop at Terry town, home to Evelyn Cameron Museum.
I was completely moved by this woman. I cried.
She was born in a wealthy British family, lived an elegant and comfortable life, completed all imaginable tasks with her servants, and she left the lush green with the privilege of adventure, A British village engaged in ranch life on the wasteland of Montana.
She and her husband tried to raise the polo ponies and when the situation deteriorated seriously, her husband begged her to return to England.
She firmly refused and insisted on making a living through her photography.
Evelyn Cameron has left thousands of images of glass plates and 35 years of diaries, creating intimate portraits of pioneer life, all of which can be seen at the Evelyn Cameron Museum in Terry.
My next destination is Hell Creek music station and more is located in the small town of Glendive.
Guess what "more" means?
How about the dinosaur museum full--
Yes, dinosaur and rock.
Here you can fix your music memorabilia while learning about the history of dinosaurs that used to roam the area.
The Makoshika Dinosaur Museum is a private
All volunteer museums featuring 38 feet T-Rex.
Hell Creek music and more is the entrance to the museum.
Be prepared to be surprised and engaged if you come.
Can't come to Glendive or go to Makoshika State Park.
Makoshika, the largest state park in Montana, has some of the most fascinating scenery in addition to bad terrain and chemical relics such as Tyrannosaurus rex and triangular dragon.
Driving to the top of the mountain to take some great sunset photos, I met a bunch of wild horses that I couldn't help shooting.
Below is the visitor center at the entrance to the park, featuring commentary exhibits that are perfect for adults and children.
I'm glad to see that both tenters and RVers have a lot of dry camping options.
I think next time I bring the airflow.
There is no doubt that this will be a good place to camp.
The next day I continued my trip and visited the United Fort trade station.
The fortress is a national historic site and an important fur trading station for a tour of the Missouri River.
Here, the tribe exchanged buffalo robes and fur for items such as beads, guns, blankets, knives, etc.
It has been partially rebuilt to show how part of it may have been reviewed in 1851, and it is indeed a sight worth seeing.
The day I visited was a special day because the Union Fort party was held at the fur fair in the 19 th century. I observe re-
The actors depicted the American Indians at the American Fur Company's workers and union trade stations, who brought me back in the past.
I passed by the catcher and Native American camp set up on the trading yard.
Some tents in the camp are filled with fur, beads, feathers, fur-you name it.
All goods are available for trade--for cash.
It was a hot afternoon when I left and nothing was better than stopping to eat a cold one.
The Wolf Point Town is next door to Missouri, where there is beer brewing and Dr. Z's coffee and food.
I leaned over to the bar and couldn't help noticing a plastic model of the brain in front of me.
In addition, there is a self-help book about happiness, a book about human models.
I know the local family doctor in town.
Mark chilksky and his family run the brewery, so the name appears in the light above the bar, "Dr. Z.
"The beer is cold and the food is good.
I know they brew beer with local ingredients and offer some super cute t-Shirts for sale.
I will soon forget the atmosphere of Dr. Z during his break in Missouri.
When I was driving, west of Scobey town, I found the Daniels County Museum and pioneer town.
35 historic buildings have been restored to paint a town in the early 1900 s, and I can't believe my eyes.
I put my watch back at 1900 and strolled through 20 acres of land to explore every corner.
I lost myself because this place is not real.
There's a doctor's office, one.
There are guest room schools, city hall, large comprehensive shops with ample reserves and barber shops.
There was a delightful salon, once called the Crystal Palace, renamed the dirty shame salon after years of Prohibition, A bottle of Moonlight was stored on an accessible trap door when law enforcement officers searched the place.
Someone heard someone say, "it's a dirty shame to waste wine! ".
There are so many things here that I can't stop exploring.
The museum displays various forms of Daniels County history, including archives, collections of antique cars, tractors and machinery.
This is an amazing place, a completely hidden gem.
I will dedicate a whole day here next time.
The last episode of my East Montana road trip was a musical at the Fort Pike Theatre.
Buddy Holly's story is in production and I can't wait.
The vibrant and charming performance moved me to tears and immediately understood the long lines of the people who were waiting patiently to watch the show.
Before the show, I met a group of sweet old ladies in nines costume.
We started chatting and I knew they were all lifelong friends and came here every year to perform in the theater.
I know they're from Miles City. they know Jerry.
I couldn't help laughing.
No wonder people from all over the country come to attend the incredible performances held at this historic theater.
Before I left, I turned around and enjoyed the Fort Pike theater because it was very tall and beautiful.
With the care of loyal volunteers and loyal supporters, the theater is an important part of Montana's life, and after tonight I understand why.
My trip to eastern Montana last summer was filled with secret town stops and hidden gems.
The vast sky and the open plains filled my days with earth people who made me smile.
For me, traveling in eastern Montana is a lifetime trip.
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