music producer jailed for double murder - partition wall ideas

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-05
music producer jailed for double murder  -  partition wall ideas
A music producer was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering two people with a bullet at a New Year's party after he was annoyed that people left early.
DJ Ashley Kenton shot in the neck-
But the bullet went through a wall and killed reveler Wayne Mowatt.
When Ian Davis was convicted last month, fighting broke out in the Old Bailey's public gallery.
Judge David padit told Davis today: "The real serious side of the case is that you and your companions have a loaded gun ready to use.
"You destroy the life of the victim's family, just because you didn't live your way and you were made to look stupid and you ruined your life.
The judge said Davis, 27, from Brixton, south London, should serve at least 20 years.
Friends and family members are prohibited from entering the public gallery, and there are no riots in court.
Davis was convicted of the murder of Mr. Kenton, 22, and Mr. Mowatt, 26, on New Year's 2002 TH.
Prosecution QC John Bevan said the trouble began when Davis tried to stop people from leaving the party at nine o'clock A. M. in an apartment on the Hackney Coast Road in east London.
Mr. Bevan said: "Mr. Kenton went to the door and let Davis calm down.
Mr Kenton pushed Davis away and Davis tried to punch him but did not hit him.
"As the quarrel escalated, a man passed by with seven guns.
Mr. Bevan said 65mm copper jacket bullets were in there for Davis.
He added: "He took the gun with his right hand, raised the gun and shot at Mr. Kenton's neck.
The bullet cut off the artery and he was bleeding heavily.
The bullet also hit Mr Mowatt, who was called "Titch" in the next room, who fell from the wound to the side of his head in a pool of blood.
People fled the party. a £5-a-
Music Party ticketsin panic.
Davis flew to the United States but was arrested on arrival at Los Angeles airport and deported back to the UK on last September.
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