motorists treat loop system as race track - temporary room dividers

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-07
motorists treat loop system as race track  -  temporary room dividers
On March 27, eight dozen spirits were no longer
Implementation of 1-way loop (OWL)
The transportation system here caused another social disaster. speeding.
MPs say the owl traffic system has improved traffic around the city road, but has also triggered a similar track.
City councillor Lin Yiwei said the transportation system encouraged speeding.
"The only thing people care about is,
The road traffic system allows vehicles to travel . "
Lim said the city council recently set up temporary dividers along Jalan Timur to prevent drivers from entering the Amcorp Mall from the Federal Highway.
"Last month, the Council engineering department set up temporary partitions along Jalan Timur, following the advice of the road safety audit consultant," she said . ".
"Considering the objections of the residents, we decided to install more speed-
Driver's warning.
"Residents in District 14 said that the driver used the design of the owl to drive more than the approved speed limit of 60 km/h.
"I noticed that many cars like to speed up when the road is empty at night.
Many children and pedestrians use roads in nearby residential areas.
"It's worrying," he said.
Another resident, Mak Khuin Weng, who had publicly opposed the implementation of the road system, said he was not surprised to see the driver abusing it because of the design of the road system.
"The road is designed with five or six lanes, and when there are fewer vehicles on the road, it is easy for drivers to speed up," he said . ".
"While the road looks like it's in the business district, it actually goes through several residential areas.
"When a car is on the road, it will not only pose a danger to the residents, but also cause noise pollution.
The rights of the residents have been avoided here.
District 12 MP Derek Fernandez said the transportation system could be improved.
"The traffic design creates a highway, not a ring road with scattered traffic.
"This design is based on the concept of a longer distance and a shorter time," he said . ".
"It achieves the goal of easing traffic flow, but that means the vehicle is traveling at a higher speed.
As a direct result of the design, the car is speeding.
Fernandez proposes to establish an automatic execution system (AES)
A camera that prevents drivers from flouting the law.
"Not everyone agrees, but the AES camera is ideal for solving the driver's speeding problem," he said . ".
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