mom-daughter duo in tenant's murder pact | nagpur news - times of india - temporary partition wall with door

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mom-daughter duo in tenant\'s murder pact | nagpur news - times of india  -  temporary partition wall with door
NAGPUR: On the second day of the horrific murder of Manisha Gaur, a resident of Hudkeshwar Road in his 20 s, her body was found on Thursday and police found it to be the behavior of the victim's landlady and her daughter.
When the tenant refused to vacate the house, the two killed her.
Priyanka Bhagat, 23year-
The old daughter of the landlord Pushpabai has actually put on the men's clothing with pants and shirts and is fully aware that conflict with tenants can lead to violence.
A person who dropped out of school had been studying until she was interrogated by the police and it was easy for her to reveal the secrets.
Priyanka once wanted to stop because Manisha began bleeding after being hit by two people, police said.
But she was encouraged by pushabi to finish the work.
Then, pushab spent the rest of the day at a dojo in tagarghat.
Pushapabai's misleading answer raises doubts about the role she may play in the murder.
The police found out that she lied to a young man, saying that she met her face-to-face, not by name, and claimed that he jumped down and entered from the wall of the border.
Pushpabai also claimed to be home at eleven o'clock P. M. while her husband Dinanath said she was there before eight o'clock P. M.
Vijay Akot, an assistant police inspector at Hudkeshwar police station, said Pushpabai had collapsed in tactical inquiries.
"About four months ago, we had to take precautions against Manisa, pushaba and Priyanka because they fought to vacate the house," said Akot, who works under PI Prakash Bele and ninishith Mishra.
Pushpabai wants the room in the apartment on the first floor, where Manisha and her mother have been living since a year agoand-Half empty
She lives in another location in Hudkeshwar with her family.
For extra income, she wanted to rent out this apartment on Hudkeshwar Road.
The Bogart people have another separate accommodation on the same floor they come to occasionally.
Police said that the husband of pashpaby was a farmer, and his husband was in the dark after renting out the apartment in pashpaby.
Pushpabe and Gore often have disputes over the matter.
After being told that Manisha was involved in unethical activities, the police visited gaurs's residence.
However, there are not many search results.
Manisa was separated from her husband Mohammed Nazimuddin in 2008 after a year of marriage.
The couple are still in contact.
About a month ago, Nazimuddin came to see her separated wife.
Manisha is rich in character.
She likes a romantic smile.
There are so many messages in her house.
She was friendly with the other two young people who often came to her place.
This is not the same as the landlord's wife.
On Thursday, after the body of Manisa was found in an empty drum at her residence, police arrested Manisa's ex-husband from Chhaoni and other friends.
The detective did not do any harm to the suspects.
Later they brought Pushpa and her daughter.
Priyanka jumped off the partition and sneaked into the room at Manisha.
Pushpa enters the apartment from the front door. The mother-
The two daughters faced Vanessa and later hit her in the head twice with a brick, letting her bleed.
When Vanessa began to scream, the two women tied her to the Dupa tower.
They dragged her to an adjoining room where they strangled her with Dupa tower.
Then they hid the body wrapped in cloth in the drum.
Police said they also cleaned the floor with carpets.
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