mining and selling diamonds: a step-by-step process - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-01
mining and selling diamonds: a step-by-step process  -  temporary wall
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It's normal for us to see diamonds in stores and jewelers all over the country, but when you stop and think about it, most people come all the way from their source.
Whether it's buying jewelry or buying diamonds as a form of investment, they're usually available-you just need to know where to look.
So how do they travel from mines to jewelry dealers and auction houses around the world, there are two ways to mine diamonds, the first is a method called Pipeline Mining, and the second is by being called
The first method is to put the pipe down the tunnel in order to extract the diamond.
The second method is done on the river bed and on the beach, including the creation of a temporary wall structure to move the sand and reach the area where the diamond is mined.
Once the excavation work is completed, the walls will eventually be removed and restored to their original state.
Collecting diamonds by two methods is usually found in larger rocks or in sand, so they are taken to a special screening location to see how many diamonds are collected, and the quality of each stone.
It may take longer for diamonds to be removed by pipeline mining because they are sometimes found in each extracted rock section.
In this sense, impact mining is a little easier because diamonds can be separated from the sand without machinery or tools.
Once diamonds are classified, they will need to be registered and certified by the American Gem Society (GIA).
This is done by an international well-known grading system that looks at the four key elements of the Diamond (
Cut, color, clarity and carat).
These areas are called 4Cs.
If the diamond has a genuine GIA certificate then it will be easier to sell to anyone interested.
These certificates are very important because they can be used to compare the quality of two separate diamonds if you buy or sell them.
In this case, it is worthwhile to provide any form of information as it will make the sales process easier.
Diamonds can be sold independently to auctions, diamond investment companies or investor jewelers after the registration and certification phase.
The whole process from mining to sales can take weeks, and the time depends largely on the character of a single stone.
This is an amazing process when you think that every diamond is dug, sorted, registered and then sold.
A diamond mined in South Africa may enter a store on British street, and other products of the same batch can also be sold at top auctions in New York.
This is the beauty of the Diamond tour because once the diamonds are sold they may end anywhere in the world.
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