mail call: bulletin boards, improving concrete drainage - partition wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-23
mail call: bulletin boards, improving concrete drainage  -  partition wall with door
Suggestions and comments from readers: Readers of Van Nuis-
I don't know her last name. -
It is recommended that polystyrene foam insulation board for bulletin board (
Dear Dell, March 10).
"I put two angle nails on the wall and pushed the panel to the wall, right there.
I hang paper with direct selling. , on the board. "James H.
Vines in Inglewood-
He used the rubber stamp, so I deciphered his name effortlessly ---
A solution to the problem of concrete patio drainage solved in the same column is proposed: "drill one drill --quarter-inch or three-eighths-
At the lowest point of the water collection, through the inches hole of the concrete slab.
After drilling (
Of course, use a masonry drill in your electric drill)
, Take a hardened steel rod about 18 inch long, put it in the hole, and drive it down about 1 feet.
Put the bar out and you have a drain hole.
"The Vines continue to recommend the use of cork to prevent the holes from being dangerous to pointed high heels, etc.
He suggested using a triangular pin instead of using a pin that would destroy the purpose of the holeshaped (
In cross section)
Hardwood floors.
The gap will allow the water to be discharged through the hole.
"It sounds like a good suggestion to me, sirVines.
You can cut off a suitable plug in a very short time with a sharp knife.
Robert Lind (
I believe this is his last name.
I have some time this week to decipher the handwriting! )
Friendly words and more suggestions about pocket doors (Dear Dale, Jan. 27).
He described how a wall with a pocket door was removed during the renovation: "The partition wall collapsed along with all the sliding door hardware.
This is what I learned: The door is on a track.
This can also explain why your readers complain.
According to people at Ash & door in North Ridge USA, the only way to do sliding doors is to use double lines.
This is the last opinion.
I don't believe it makes sense to have a bathroom door once, especially given the closet size of most bathrooms.
Why can't some developers see the possibility of sliding doors?
"I agree with you very much, Bob.
My answer to the last question is that developers keep cutting costs and pocket doors are not cheap, especially with the right hardware.
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